Buffet 101

Yesterday was our first time dining at Buffet 101. It was our first time visiting Robinson’s Magnolia as well. The mall was a bit far from where I live, but not as far as, say, Trinoma or MOA. It’s also a lot different from all the other Robinson’s malls that I’ve been to—For starters, the food court didn’t look like your typical food court, and you won’t be able to find those typical stalls that you see at a food court. This mall was a lot cleaner too, but I was expecting that, since the place was still fairly new.

 photo 10202012_11.jpg

 photo 10202012_7.jpg

 photo 10202012_8.jpg

The place was almost packed when we arrived at Buffet 101, but thank goodness we didn’t have to wait to be seated. The interior was very beautiful, the ceiling was decorated with chandeliers and our seats didn’t look worn-out. It reminded me of Yakimix, actually. Unlike Yakimix though, you can’t cook or grill your own food—You’re going to have to ask the waiters to do that for you.

 photo 10202012_10.jpg

 photo 10202012_4.jpg

The buffet itself had so much variety—There was an area for dimsum, for sushi/maki, a carving for steak and ribs, a huge plate of seafood risotto, a bowl of penne pasta, a plate of crispy noodles, trays of pizza, even a glass tank filled with fresh shrimp. There’s three different types of soup—Chowder covered in a flaky pie crust, corn, and seafood.

 photo 10202012_9.jpg

 photo 10202012_5.jpg

There were drinks too. My dad tried different fruit shakes, like watermelon, papaya, and pineapple. Their bottomless iced tea was very refreshing. All of their drinks were served in this tall, cool-looking glass.

 photo 10202012_2.jpg

Plate 1

-A bowl of chowder soup

-French fries

-Fried seafood roll. Really yummy!


-Fish fillet. There were three types of fish fillet – Thai style, California style, and… I forgot the other one >_< All of them looked similar too… The dipping sauce is what sets them apart, I guess.

-Blueberry spare ribs. Yup, you read that right. The sauce tasted like lemon, though.

-American style spicy wings

-Diced spicy chicken. I didn’t like this one very much. The meat was a bit tough.

-Shrimp tempura

-Mini burger. The patty had too much pepper in it 😐 It looked so cute, though. Hehe.

I was already feeling full after plate 1, but I still had to try their pizza! So I had to rest for a while before grabbing more food from the buffet table.

 photo 10202012_6.jpg

Plate 2

-Fried mantao with condensed milk

-A tiny piece of crispy pata. Of course I had to get one with the skin 😛

-Seafood risotto. This was really good, too bad I couldn’t go for seconds coz I could barely move T__T

-Pizza. There were two types: Seafood with thousand island sauce, and Chinese-style with Hoisin sauce. Mom tried the seafood, and I got the Chinese. I like that the crust was packed with flavor, it wasn’t too thick or too thin, and wasn’t oily.

-Chocolate lava cake. I’m a fan of lava cake so this was an instant favorite.

-Coconut marshmallow. I honestly thought this was a coconut-flavored marshmallow, but it turned out to be a plain orange marshmallow covered in coconut bits. -_-

-And of course, marshmallow on a stick dipped in the buffet’s chocolate fountain and covered with sprinkles ^_^

Other types of dessert served at the buffet were soft-serve ice cream, sundaes, revel bars, chocolate brownies, a chocolate cake and a vanilla cake from Red Ribbon. My mom enjoyed the double dutch ice cream very much.

Unfortunately, my stomach didn’t have enough space for their maki. Maybe next time? Oh, and we’re definitely visiting the famous Magnolia ice cream parlor too when we get back.

My mom had to go to the department store to buy some bedsheets, but we had to wait a while before we could walk properly since we were stuffed. We paid P799.00!  It’s a little bit expensive, but I think it was worth it ^_^ It’s definitely a great place to bring your friends and family to if there’s a special occasion.


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