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Big Better Burgers

Will only be doing a semi-review for this one–Just sharing pics of the location (Robinson’s Magnolia) and the stuff that we ate ^_^

Bacon barbecue burger.

Potato wedges.

Chicken sandwich with teriyaki sauce. You can choose from three different kinds of sauces.

They have rice meals too. ^_^

I love that their burgers/sandwiches didn’t come in a sesame seed bun. Servings were huge (yes, even the wedges were huge) and definitely filling. But they were delicious.

Amount paid: P348.00.


Yomenya Goemon

After attending Sunday mass, we had our dinner at Yomenya Goemon, a newly-opened Japanese restaurant in Greenbelt 3. Yomenya Goemon isn’t like your typical Japanese restaurant—In here, you won’t find your usual Japanese dishes such as teppanyaki, shrimp tempura, katsudon, or even sushi and sashimi. Yomenya Goemon specializes in two things: Japanese style pizza, and pasta.



Just like a real authentic Japanese restaurant, they have plastic versions of their food on display.

The menu isn’t varied, of course. Just the aforementioned pizza and pasta (albeit different kinds), plus set meals, and desserts.

The waiter gave us a cup of Miso soup with bits of tofu. It was very refreshing.

Here’s my dish:  Mentaiko pork and Japanese pickles karashi takana spicy cod roe pasta with spring onions, pork, nori (seaweed) and bonito shavings. At first, I thought I wouldn’t able to finish all of that since the plate was huge, but I did o_o It was delicious! The pasta was very thin. I heard that most of the ingredients that they use come directly from Japan.

We also ordered the Porcini pizza with bacon and three mushrooms. The crust was sooooooooo soft. *_* The mushrooms could use a little more flavor, though.

Mom tried out their cream carbonara pasta with yolk and bacon…

… While dad had Vongole Bianco olive oil pasta with clams. His and mom’s dishes were part of a set meal called ‘half and half’.

For dessert, we tried out their soufflé cheesecake with strawberry ice cream and real strawberries. Hehe. The serving was small, but it’s okay. ^_^ The cheesecake itself was very light and fluffy.

Amount paid: P1,600.00 O_O Yeah, it’s a bit expensive, but then again we did order a lot of stuff…

Aside from that, I didn’t really encounter any problems with this restaurant–The staff was attentive, the food was delicious, and the ambiance was alright too. ^^

Enchanted Farm Cafe

After a shopping spree at Human Nature’s head office in Commonwealth, we went upstairs to the building’s 2nd floor to have lunch at Enchanted Farm Cafe. This cafe was recommended to me by my cousin after meeting up with him last November 1 (Yep, at the cemetery.) The great thing about Enchanted Farm Cafe is that they serve all-natural ingredients, and these ingredients are produced by Gawad Kalinga families and supported by social entrepreneurs.

The place wasn’t exactly spacious. Not a lot of people were dining, even though it was lunchtime.

Menu! The menu was limited too. They sell rice meals, pasta, burgers/sandwiches, drinks, and cookies from Tintan’s Pastries. ^_^

I tried out their Pinoy pesto with lemongrass chicken. It was served in this really cute wooden bowl, with two pieces of bread and a smaller bowl of salad. The pesto and bread were really fresh. And I really liked the chicken, coz it didn’t taste dry at all. At first I thought the serving was too small, but after eating, I was stuffed.

Tomato basil pasta with bacon liempo. This is the dish that my mom tried out. From her expression while eating, I could tell that the ingredients in this pasta were freshly-made too.

Bayani Brew lemongrass tea! According to the bottle, it’s made out of “lemongrass, pandan leaves, calamansi, brown sugar, vitamin C, and potassium sorbate, to retain freshness”. It tastes a bit different, but it still quenched my thirst. And I love that it was served in this huge jar. ^_^

I also had a cookie for dessert. What I love about Tintan’s Pastries is that the cookies aren’t too sickeningly sweet (Unlike other cookie brands… *coughcoughmrsfieldscough*), and it’s not exactly boring/tasteless.

Amount paid: P395. Yep, less than P500!!! I would definitely recommend this place if you’re on a budget, or health-conscious.  It’s also for a good cause.

Rowena’s Cafe

Whenever we go on a trip to Tagaytay, we almost always stop by Rowena’s—That quaint little pastry shop that sells cassava tarts, buko pie, and other types of pasalubong. We went to Tagaytay again last Friday, and instead of the usual stopover at McDonald’s SLEX, we decided to have brunch at Rowena’s Café.

I could already smell the food as soon as we stepped out of our van. The place was really clean, and so were the restrooms. They even had a swimming pool at the back of the café, but I’m guessing that’s private property, so guests aren’t allowed to take a dip. ^_^;

My mom and I ordered our food at the counter. Their café sells their signature buko tarts as well as other desserts like chocolate cake and carrot cake. They also had appetizers, pasta, sandwiches, heavy, filling dishes like steak and roast beef, and Filipino food like crispy pata, inihaw na liempo, sizzling garlic bangus, and beef nilaga.

After that, we went back to our seats and waited for our food to arrive.

We waited…

And waited…

… And waited.

Jeez! It took almost an hour before our food was served -_- Our waitress didn’t even tell us right away that they were out of iced tea -_- It was 12:30 PM when we had our brunch there, and the place was crowded, so I guess that’s the reason why we had to wait a while. Which makes sense since, the last time I came to Rowena’s Cafe, the place was close to empty, and I only had to wait for my cup of coffee for around 10 minutes.

French toast with fried egg and bacon. The bacon was cooked perfectly—It wasn’t too crispy, or soggy/oily. The bread was soft, and tasted like cinnamon. ^_^

Fish and chips with potato wedges. Believe it or not, this was just an appetizer. The potato wedges could use a little more salt. The fish wasn’t too bad, but my mom ate a piece of fish that was undercooked.

Beef nilaga. Served in a really large bowl. Basically the servings at Rowena’s Cafe are huge.

Amount paid: P875.00

Good thing the food was great, so I guess it was all worth the wait (hehe, rhyme time). I’ll definitely go back to this place again to try their rice dishes, but their service needs a little more improvement.

The Chicken Rice Shop

We had dinner at The Chicken Rice Shop’s branch in Katipunan after a long day at the cemetery and Robinson’s Magnolia with my relatives. This is the second time I’ve been to this restaurant. I’ve heard about The Chicken Rice Shop even before they opened a branch here in the Philippines,  since I randomly came across a picture of their branch in Vivo City while browsing through the internet.

The place was nearly empty when we came in, but eventually filled with customers while we ate. I also noticed that most of the people who dined there came with their families.

The Chicken Rice Shop’s specialty, is, well, Singaporean food. They have appetizers and soup, noodles, veggies, set meals, and desserts. Their chicken has four different varieties: Hainanese, roast, honey bbq, and curry chicken.

Honey BBQ chicken noodles. This was really tasty. The chicken was really sweet and delicious. And since I like my noodles thin, I enjoyed this dish very much. BTW this pic reeks of fail, cause 1.) I forgot to take a picture after it was served 2.) I left out the three pieces of dumplings that came with the dish. Ugh! Sorry.

Appetizer: Nyonya Pai Tee. The outer shell was really crunchy, and the strings of carrot and singkamas were delicious. It reminded me of those mini-tacos sold at SM Megamall. ^_^;

Chicken curry with Hainanese rice, ginger and chili dipping sauces. There are five different kinds of dipping sauces:  Ginger, chilli, black sauce (kacap manis), chicken serving sauce, and signature barbecue. At first I thought the dish had three huge pieces of chicken, but one of them turned out to be a potato covered in curry -_- The clear soup that came with it was great too.

Braised tofu towfoo with egg.

Drinks include coffee, tea, fresh lime juice, soya bean, kuching tea, grass jelly, and teh tarik. I ordered their teh tarik the last time I ate there. It tasted pretty strong and I could tell that it had a high amount of caffeine since I wasn’t able to sleep until 2:30 in the morning. x_x And their dessert menu included ice kacang, of course!

Amount paid: P560.00. The food is good and I’d definitely go back there, but I hope they’d open up more branches in malls so it’s easily accessible. ^_^;