The Chicken Rice Shop

We had dinner at The Chicken Rice Shop’s branch in Katipunan after a long day at the cemetery and Robinson’s Magnolia with my relatives. This is the second time I’ve been to this restaurant. I’ve heard about The Chicken Rice Shop even before they opened a branch here in the Philippines,  since I randomly came across a picture of their branch in Vivo City while browsing through the internet.

The place was nearly empty when we came in, but eventually filled with customers while we ate. I also noticed that most of the people who dined there came with their families.

The Chicken Rice Shop’s specialty, is, well, Singaporean food. They have appetizers and soup, noodles, veggies, set meals, and desserts. Their chicken has four different varieties: Hainanese, roast, honey bbq, and curry chicken.

Honey BBQ chicken noodles. This was really tasty. The chicken was really sweet and delicious. And since I like my noodles thin, I enjoyed this dish very much. BTW this pic reeks of fail, cause 1.) I forgot to take a picture after it was served 2.) I left out the three pieces of dumplings that came with the dish. Ugh! Sorry.

Appetizer: Nyonya Pai Tee. The outer shell was really crunchy, and the strings of carrot and singkamas were delicious. It reminded me of those mini-tacos sold at SM Megamall. ^_^;

Chicken curry with Hainanese rice, ginger and chili dipping sauces. There are five different kinds of dipping sauces:  Ginger, chilli, black sauce (kacap manis), chicken serving sauce, and signature barbecue. At first I thought the dish had three huge pieces of chicken, but one of them turned out to be a potato covered in curry -_- The clear soup that came with it was great too.

Braised tofu towfoo with egg.

Drinks include coffee, tea, fresh lime juice, soya bean, kuching tea, grass jelly, and teh tarik. I ordered their teh tarik the last time I ate there. It tasted pretty strong and I could tell that it had a high amount of caffeine since I wasn’t able to sleep until 2:30 in the morning. x_x And their dessert menu included ice kacang, of course!

Amount paid: P560.00. The food is good and I’d definitely go back there, but I hope they’d open up more branches in malls so it’s easily accessible. ^_^;


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