Rowena’s Cafe

Whenever we go on a trip to Tagaytay, we almost always stop by Rowena’s—That quaint little pastry shop that sells cassava tarts, buko pie, and other types of pasalubong. We went to Tagaytay again last Friday, and instead of the usual stopover at McDonald’s SLEX, we decided to have brunch at Rowena’s Café.

I could already smell the food as soon as we stepped out of our van. The place was really clean, and so were the restrooms. They even had a swimming pool at the back of the café, but I’m guessing that’s private property, so guests aren’t allowed to take a dip. ^_^;

My mom and I ordered our food at the counter. Their café sells their signature buko tarts as well as other desserts like chocolate cake and carrot cake. They also had appetizers, pasta, sandwiches, heavy, filling dishes like steak and roast beef, and Filipino food like crispy pata, inihaw na liempo, sizzling garlic bangus, and beef nilaga.

After that, we went back to our seats and waited for our food to arrive.

We waited…

And waited…

… And waited.

Jeez! It took almost an hour before our food was served -_- Our waitress didn’t even tell us right away that they were out of iced tea -_- It was 12:30 PM when we had our brunch there, and the place was crowded, so I guess that’s the reason why we had to wait a while. Which makes sense since, the last time I came to Rowena’s Cafe, the place was close to empty, and I only had to wait for my cup of coffee for around 10 minutes.

French toast with fried egg and bacon. The bacon was cooked perfectly—It wasn’t too crispy, or soggy/oily. The bread was soft, and tasted like cinnamon. ^_^

Fish and chips with potato wedges. Believe it or not, this was just an appetizer. The potato wedges could use a little more salt. The fish wasn’t too bad, but my mom ate a piece of fish that was undercooked.

Beef nilaga. Served in a really large bowl. Basically the servings at Rowena’s Cafe are huge.

Amount paid: P875.00

Good thing the food was great, so I guess it was all worth the wait (hehe, rhyme time). I’ll definitely go back to this place again to try their rice dishes, but their service needs a little more improvement.


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