Enchanted Farm Cafe

After a shopping spree at Human Nature’s head office in Commonwealth, we went upstairs to the building’s 2nd floor to have lunch at Enchanted Farm Cafe. This cafe was recommended to me by my cousin after meeting up with him last November 1 (Yep, at the cemetery.) The great thing about Enchanted Farm Cafe is that they serve all-natural ingredients, and these ingredients are produced by Gawad Kalinga families and supported by social entrepreneurs.

The place wasn’t exactly spacious. Not a lot of people were dining, even though it was lunchtime.

Menu! The menu was limited too. They sell rice meals, pasta, burgers/sandwiches, drinks, and cookies from Tintan’s Pastries. ^_^

I tried out their Pinoy pesto with lemongrass chicken. It was served in this really cute wooden bowl, with two pieces of bread and a smaller bowl of salad. The pesto and bread were really fresh. And I really liked the chicken, coz it didn’t taste dry at all. At first I thought the serving was too small, but after eating, I was stuffed.

Tomato basil pasta with bacon liempo. This is the dish that my mom tried out. From her expression while eating, I could tell that the ingredients in this pasta were freshly-made too.

Bayani Brew lemongrass tea! According to the bottle, it’s made out of “lemongrass, pandan leaves, calamansi, brown sugar, vitamin C, and potassium sorbate, to retain freshness”. It tastes a bit different, but it still quenched my thirst. And I love that it was served in this huge jar. ^_^

I also had a cookie for dessert. What I love about Tintan’s Pastries is that the cookies aren’t too sickeningly sweet (Unlike other cookie brands… *coughcoughmrsfieldscough*), and it’s not exactly boring/tasteless.

Amount paid: P395. Yep, less than P500!!! I would definitely recommend this place if you’re on a budget, or health-conscious.  It’s also for a good cause.


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