Yomenya Goemon

After attending Sunday mass, we had our dinner at Yomenya Goemon, a newly-opened Japanese restaurant in Greenbelt 3. Yomenya Goemon isn’t like your typical Japanese restaurant—In here, you won’t find your usual Japanese dishes such as teppanyaki, shrimp tempura, katsudon, or even sushi and sashimi. Yomenya Goemon specializes in two things: Japanese style pizza, and pasta.





Just like a real authentic Japanese restaurant, they have plastic versions of their food on display.






The menu isn’t varied, of course. Just the aforementioned pizza and pasta (albeit different kinds), plus set meals, and desserts.


The waiter gave us a cup of Miso soup with bits of tofu. It was very refreshing.


Here’s my dish:  Mentaiko pork and Japanese pickles karashi takana spicy cod roe pasta with spring onions, pork, nori (seaweed) and bonito shavings. At first, I thought I wouldn’t able to finish all of that since the plate was huge, but I did o_o It was delicious! The pasta was very thin. I heard that most of the ingredients that they use come directly from Japan.


We also ordered the Porcini pizza with bacon and three mushrooms. The crust was sooooooooo soft. *_* The mushrooms could use a little more flavor, though.


Mom tried out their cream carbonara pasta with yolk and bacon…


… While dad had Vongole Bianco olive oil pasta with clams. His and mom’s dishes were part of a set meal called ‘half and half’.


For dessert, we tried out their soufflé cheesecake with strawberry ice cream and real strawberries. Hehe. The serving was small, but it’s okay. ^_^ The cheesecake itself was very light and fluffy.

Amount paid: P1,600.00 O_O Yeah, it’s a bit expensive, but then again we did order a lot of stuff…

Aside from that, I didn’t really encounter any problems with this restaurant–The staff was attentive, the food was delicious, and the ambiance was alright too. ^^



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