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The last entry of 2012 belongs to this restaurant/pastry shop in Quezon City. We took a rather looooong trip all the way to Timog cor. Panay Ave. yesterday, since mom wanted to try out their famous buko pandan salad. I knew we weren’t doing an actual food trip and we only had one place to visit but TBH, I was astounded by the sheer amount of restaurants around that area. I wanted to try them all! o_o

Anyway, I was expecting Nathaniel’s to be this giant restaurant like all the other restos in this area, but I was wrong–It was located at the bottom of the ICT Commercial Complex building. The moment I stepped inside, I immediately noticed the motif/theme–Green, green, green all over. From the interiors, to the boxes used for packaging, even the ice chests.

Local delicacies being sold in the restaurant.

Not a lot of items on the menu. Just rice meals, spaghetti/lasagna, noodle soup, dimsum, pansit, and congee.

Siomai with chilli sauce/calamansi. Was only supposed to eat one, but I ended up munching on two pieces instead. Hehe. ^^

BBQ Liempo, served with ketchup, rice and veggies. It was a bit sweet. I loved its thinness. And IMO it would probably taste better if they used toyomansi or Mang Tomas as a dipping sauce instead of ketchup. 😡 That cute green bottle in the background is their buko pandan juice.

Pansit palabok with pork putopao.

And lastly, dinuguan with chicken putopao.

Okay, so it wasn’t THE best lunch, but it was satisfying.

I hope 2013 is an amazing year for both you and me ^^


Cajun Red Rock

Since buffets usually charge a hefty amount during special holidays, we ended up having our Christmas Eve dinner here instead of a buffet restaurant. I was surprised that my parents agreed to dine here–But it’s not like they had a choice anyway, since most of the restaurants had closed early.

Didn’t take a lot of menu shots…

Their menu is divided into ‘Fun starters’ (Appetizers), wings, homemade pies, Jambalaya rice, log pizza (served on a filo crust), ribs, burgers with add-ons, ‘On the grill’ (Barbecue/grilled food), pasta, kids meals, family platters, ‘Steaming hot soup’, ‘Salad sensations’, sauces & dressings, and ‘All-star specials’ (Bestsellers). They also had a ‘Mexican special’ which included quesadillas and fish tacos.

Oh, and they sell Chef Tony’s popcorn too.

Flame-grilled bourbon dory. You can pick from two sides–I chose the corn rice and grilled corn (I actually ordered the grilled corn and mojo potatoes but the waiter didn’t understand me, I guess -_-) The bourbon sauce was really tangy. And since it was seafood, I didn’t feel full afterward, which was good!

Shrimp & Ribs Treat. Even though the shrimp was breaded, it wasn’t as delicious as Bubba Gump’s shrimp 😡 But the ribs were great though, the meat wasn’t tough at all and it falls right off the bone. It was served with rice (with mushrooms mixed in) and corn.

I wanted to try their vanilla caramel pudding for dessert, but didn’t. I was afraid that I might end up eating too much–We still had to attend Christmas Eve mass afterward. Maybe next time? I did enjoy my dinner, though…

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone! ^^

Cafe Lidia

(What?!? Two entries in one day?! o_o)

We had our early dinner at Cafe Lidia today–It’s this gem hidden in the streets of Marikina. Dad discovered this restaurant a few months ago while he was driving home from Marikina Sports Plaza after his weekly swimming activity. He always wondered why this place was always crowded every lunch/dinnertime… So me and my family decided to check it out. At first I was a bit hesitant, but I gave in to my parents’ wishes anyway. ^^

Since it was close to dinnertime, it was kinda hard to find a place to park our car. We didn’t have to wait that long to be seated though, thank goodness. x_x

The waiter took us to the almost-empty back area. I had no idea that their cafe was that huge!

Menu. It was so hard to choose, especially when it comes to the entrees since a lot of them happen to be my faves–Like their pork entrees (Grilled pork belly, roast porkloin, pork ribs, and pork steak) Fish (Parmesan-crusted fish and cream dory) steak, salpicao, and their chicken (Crispy-fried boneless chicken, chicken parmesan, roast chicken, chicken marsala, chicken ala kiev, and chicken kebabs)

They also serve sandwiches/burgers (cheese burger, BLT, ham & cheese) all-day breakfast meals, pizza (with a 12-inch thin crust), and salad.

Mozarella cheese sticks. Some of the sticks have more breading than cheese ._. And the mozarella wasn’t that gooey, which was disappointing. Still yummy, though. Other appetizers include buffalo wings & fish and chips.

Cream-based chicken pesto pasta. Their pasta comes in four varieties–Cream based, baked, tomato sauce and olive-oil based. The pasta was perfectly cooked, and the sauce was well-made… But TBH it’s probably something I can make at home. Oh, and I found a piece of chicken bone in my pasta, so minus points for that. When I come back, I’m definitely trying the olive-oil based version.

My parents ordered the Ceasar salad and grilled salmon.

Hot chocolate, warm and comforting ^^ They also have iced coffee, hot coffee, and specialty drinks. Desserts include cakes, sundaes, ice cream splits, and cobblers.

We ended up paying a LOT, which was a bit of a surprise. o_o But I think it’s all worth it–The food and ambiance were amazing! And I guess I learned a bit of a lesson here–This may sound cliche, but I really shouldn’t judge restos by their location–Sometimes the most mouth-watering and satisfying meals can come from the most unexpected places too.

Tokyo Cafe

So yesterday we were supposed to dine at Kichitora but there weren’t any tables available–We ended up here instead. It’s just right beside Peri-peri, hehe. It’s like your average cafe, except most of the menu items are Japanese-themed. They have pasta (Creamy Ebiko and the Japanese carbonara), sandwiches/burgers, hamburger steak on a sizzling plate, bento meals, donburi, soup, salads, and cheesecake.

Interior shots.

Just some of the items from their menu. And of course, no Japanese restaurant is complete without the plastic food display. ^^

Only ordered two things…

Chicken in a basket, served with gravy and ketchup. After trying this, I think I now know the reason why this is one of the more popular items on Tokyo Cafe’s menu – The meat was really juicy and the skin was crispy.

Pork shogayaki with rice. Some of the pork pieces were a bit tough, but it was fine. And the rice was really chewy ^^

Coffee. And of course, since this is a cafe, they have different kinds: Specialty blends, hot espressos, iced espressos, “smoogees”, and hot tea. They also have affogato, crepes, and parfait cakes. I really wanted to try their mochi but it’s a bit pricey.

Everything went fine and the service wasn’t so bad. I would recommend this restaurant if you want to spend time with a friend and have a little chit-chat. Or a date, hehe. ^^

Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken

This Portugese restaurant serves chicken, pizza, pasta, quesadillas, fajitas, wraps (called ‘rappa’,) appetizers, salads, and set meals. Their chicken comes in three varieties: Lemon Garlic, Mildly Spicy, and Hot & Spicy. The last time I ate here, I ordered their buffalo chicken rappa, which was delicious–But I wanted to try something new this time.

They have free unlimited drinks and soup too! This is their cream of mushroom soup. The other one available was chicken and corn.

Mozarella sticks, one of their appetizers.

Cornflake chicken tenders with honey mustard sauce. Another appetizer. Sometimes I like to order one or two appetizers and turn them into my main dish, hehe. ^^

Platter D, which includes 1/4 chicken, java rice, fish fillet, and a small bowl of corn and carrots. The chicken may look dry on the outside, but it’s very juicy and packed with flavor. The only complaint that I have is their fish fillet–The serving’s too small. Three measly pieces! T_T They didn’t even have anything in their menu that was similar to their fish fillet.

But all in all, everything was really delicious. ^^

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Ahhhh, I’m still stuffed from all the tasty shrimp that we ate earlier today! We had dinner at Bubba Gump right after attending Sunday mass. I really couldn’t wait to visit since I hadn’t eaten the entire day. It’s our 2nd time visiting Bubba Gump–The last time we ate there was when we celebrated Mother’s Day a couple of years ago. We came in early so the place wasn’t really crowded (yet.)

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.’s specialty, is, of course, shrimp. From what I understand, their main dishesare divided into two: The ‘Bubba Shrimp Special’ (Basically just shrimp cooked in a variety of different ways–Steamed, beer battered, skewered, etc.) and the ‘Forrest Favorites’ (Other fish dishes like grilled dory and salmon, plus non-seafood items like ribs, cordon bleu, baked seafood rice, sandwiches and pasta.) Their drinks include smoothies, cocktails, beer, wine, milkshakes, and fruit shakes.

The entire restaurant is Forrest Gump themed–From the decors, to the ‘Run Forrest Run/Stop Forrest Stop’ sign, to the menu items and food descriptions.

My appetizer is their Ping Pong Shimp–Lightly breaded shrimp covered in chilli sauce and salsa. I really missed this coz I would have cravings for it from time to time. Their appetizers were pretty huge. It’s spicy of course, but not enough to make you break out into sweat and reach for a glass of water. ^^; Other appetizers included: Bourbon wings, calamari, mussels, and onion rings.

A nice plate of Jambalaya rice.

We also ordered the Shrimper’s Heaven, which is a platter consisting of four different kinds of shrimp dishes: The shrimp tempura, breaded coconut shrimp, chilly shrimp, and the fried shrimp. Plus three dipping sauces: Tangy Asian, zesty cocktail, and Cajun marmalade (my fave!). I tried everything except for the one without breading. Just posted a picture of the one on the menu since I wasn’t able to take a good shot of our food. .__. *mumbles an apology*

Our other order was the Capt. Fish and chips, served in a gigantic plate (which reminded me of a enormous ashtray, to be honest). The fish was very crispy and savory, but the serving was way too large. Well, for me, anyway.

For dessert, we had the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae. I loooooved it. Did I mention chocolate chip cookies are my weakness? ^^ The warm cookie + cold ice cream combo was amazing.

Now I must admit: I am not exactly the biggest fan of shrimp. But I felt like I was floating in shrimp heaven after tonight’s dinner. The shrimp that they used tasted really fresh, and didn’t have that fishy (erm, shrimpy?) aftertaste!

Unfortunately we had to pay P2000+ for our order. YOWZA! o_o But I can say it was all worth it. Like I mentioned earlier, the servings here are large so I suggest you bring your friends or family with you. Oh, and so you guys can split the bill. Hehe. ^^

Last picture before I wrap up this entry: So we had some leftover fish fillet which my grandma ordered for takeout–And it was served to us in this paper bag. Sooooo cute! I actually took an interest to the film itself and read the summary on Wiki… Maybe I should watch it when I get the chance ^^

Ramen X

Had to travel all the way to Trinoma yesterday just to try out this little ramen place called Ramen X. I initially wanted to go to SM North to eat at 4 Fingers and visit Tours le Jours, but my parents avoid that mall like the plague coz it’s too huge and too crowded >_< (And to think we almost always go to SM Megamall every Saturday o_O)

Anyway, we came in a bit early coz the place only had two customers.

They serve ramen (obviously), donburi, gyoza, chicken karaage, and shrimp tempura. Drinks include fruit shakes, soda, and milk tea.

I ordered their Yoshi ramen, which contains pork, and a huge piece of seaweed. The bowls were huge. o_O The broth was soy based, so I didn’t really enjoy it that much—But it’s more of a personal preference, since I like tonkotsu broth more when it comes to ramen. The noodles were a bit thick too.

Milk tea, which tasted pretty ordinary.

Dad ordered the X ramen, which I picked out for him.

Mom ordered a bowl of fried rice, gyoza, and tempura. Compared to their ramen, the servings were quite small. Even if the bowl was small, she couldn’t finish it all up, so I had to do it for her. And to be honest, I enjoyed this bowl of rice (and the gyoza) more than the ramen. 😡

Amount paid: P656.00. A bit pricey, and the food was mediocre for me, sorry to say.