Ramen X

Had to travel all the way to Trinoma yesterday just to try out this little ramen place called Ramen X. I initially wanted to go to SM North to eat at 4 Fingers and visit Tours le Jours, but my parents avoid that mall like the plague coz it’s too huge and too crowded >_< (And to think we almost always go to SM Megamall every Saturday o_O)

Anyway, we came in a bit early coz the place only had two customers.

They serve ramen (obviously), donburi, gyoza, chicken karaage, and shrimp tempura. Drinks include fruit shakes, soda, and milk tea.

I ordered their Yoshi ramen, which contains pork, and a huge piece of seaweed. The bowls were huge. o_O The broth was soy based, so I didn’t really enjoy it that much—But it’s more of a personal preference, since I like tonkotsu broth more when it comes to ramen. The noodles were a bit thick too.

Milk tea, which tasted pretty ordinary.

Dad ordered the X ramen, which I picked out for him.

Mom ordered a bowl of fried rice, gyoza, and tempura. Compared to their ramen, the servings were quite small. Even if the bowl was small, she couldn’t finish it all up, so I had to do it for her. And to be honest, I enjoyed this bowl of rice (and the gyoza) more than the ramen. 😡

Amount paid: P656.00. A bit pricey, and the food was mediocre for me, sorry to say.


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