Cafe Lidia

(What?!? Two entries in one day?! o_o)

We had our early dinner at Cafe Lidia today–It’s this gem hidden in the streets of Marikina. Dad discovered this restaurant a few months ago while he was driving home from Marikina Sports Plaza after his weekly swimming activity. He always wondered why this place was always crowded every lunch/dinnertime… So me and my family decided to check it out. At first I was a bit hesitant, but I gave in to my parents’ wishes anyway. ^^

Since it was close to dinnertime, it was kinda hard to find a place to park our car. We didn’t have to wait that long to be seated though, thank goodness. x_x

The waiter took us to the almost-empty back area. I had no idea that their cafe was that huge!

Menu. It was so hard to choose, especially when it comes to the entrees since a lot of them happen to be my faves–Like their pork entrees (Grilled pork belly, roast porkloin, pork ribs, and pork steak) Fish (Parmesan-crusted fish and cream dory) steak, salpicao, and their chicken (Crispy-fried boneless chicken, chicken parmesan, roast chicken, chicken marsala, chicken ala kiev, and chicken kebabs)

They also serve sandwiches/burgers (cheese burger, BLT, ham & cheese) all-day breakfast meals, pizza (with a 12-inch thin crust), and salad.

Mozarella cheese sticks. Some of the sticks have more breading than cheese ._. And the mozarella wasn’t that gooey, which was disappointing. Still yummy, though. Other appetizers include buffalo wings & fish and chips.

Cream-based chicken pesto pasta. Their pasta comes in four varieties–Cream based, baked, tomato sauce and olive-oil based. The pasta was perfectly cooked, and the sauce was well-made… But TBH it’s probably something I can make at home. Oh, and I found a piece of chicken bone in my pasta, so minus points for that. When I come back, I’m definitely trying the olive-oil based version.

My parents ordered the Ceasar salad and grilled salmon.

Hot chocolate, warm and comforting ^^ They also have iced coffee, hot coffee, and specialty drinks. Desserts include cakes, sundaes, ice cream splits, and cobblers.

We ended up paying a LOT, which was a bit of a surprise. o_o But I think it’s all worth it–The food and ambiance were amazing! And I guess I learned a bit of a lesson here–This may sound cliche, but I really shouldn’t judge restos by their location–Sometimes the most mouth-watering and satisfying meals can come from the most unexpected places too.


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