Tokyo Cafe

So yesterday we were supposed to dine at Kichitora but there weren’t any tables available–We ended up here instead. It’s just right beside Peri-peri, hehe. It’s like your average cafe, except most of the menu items are Japanese-themed. They have pasta (Creamy Ebiko and the Japanese carbonara), sandwiches/burgers, hamburger steak on a sizzling plate, bento meals, donburi, soup, salads, and cheesecake.

Interior shots.

Just some of the items from their menu. And of course, no Japanese restaurant is complete without the plastic food display. ^^

Only ordered two things…

Chicken in a basket, served with gravy and ketchup. After trying this, I think I now know the reason why this is one of the more popular items on Tokyo Cafe’s menu – The meat was really juicy and the skin was crispy.

Pork shogayaki with rice. Some of the pork pieces were a bit tough, but it was fine. And the rice was really chewy ^^

Coffee. And of course, since this is a cafe, they have different kinds: Specialty blends, hot espressos, iced espressos, “smoogees”, and hot tea. They also have affogato, crepes, and parfait cakes. I really wanted to try their mochi but it’s a bit pricey.

Everything went fine and the service wasn’t so bad. I would recommend this restaurant if you want to spend time with a friend and have a little chit-chat. Or a date, hehe. ^^


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