Cajun Red Rock

Since buffets usually charge a hefty amount during special holidays, we ended up having our Christmas Eve dinner here instead of a buffet restaurant. I was surprised that my parents agreed to dine here–But it’s not like they had a choice anyway, since most of the restaurants had closed early.

Didn’t take a lot of menu shots…

Their menu is divided into ‘Fun starters’ (Appetizers), wings, homemade pies, Jambalaya rice, log pizza (served on a filo crust), ribs, burgers with add-ons, ‘On the grill’ (Barbecue/grilled food), pasta, kids meals, family platters, ‘Steaming hot soup’, ‘Salad sensations’, sauces & dressings, and ‘All-star specials’ (Bestsellers). They also had a ‘Mexican special’ which included quesadillas and fish tacos.

Oh, and they sell Chef Tony’s popcorn too.

Flame-grilled bourbon dory. You can pick from two sides–I chose the corn rice and grilled corn (I actually ordered the grilled corn and mojo potatoes but the waiter didn’t understand me, I guess -_-) The bourbon sauce was really tangy. And since it was seafood, I didn’t feel full afterward, which was good!

Shrimp & Ribs Treat. Even though the shrimp was breaded, it wasn’t as delicious as Bubba Gump’s shrimp 😡 But the ribs were great though, the meat wasn’t tough at all and it falls right off the bone. It was served with rice (with mushrooms mixed in) and corn.

I wanted to try their vanilla caramel pudding for dessert, but didn’t. I was afraid that I might end up eating too much–We still had to attend Christmas Eve mass afterward. Maybe next time? I did enjoy my dinner, though…

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone! ^^


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