The last entry of 2012 belongs to this restaurant/pastry shop in Quezon City. We took a rather looooong trip all the way to Timog cor. Panay Ave. yesterday, since mom wanted to try out their famous buko pandan salad. I knew we weren’t doing an actual food trip and we only had one place to visit but TBH, I was astounded by the sheer amount of restaurants around that area. I wanted to try them all! o_o

Anyway, I was expecting Nathaniel’s to be this giant restaurant like all the other restos in this area, but I was wrong–It was located at the bottom of the ICT Commercial Complex building. The moment I stepped inside, I immediately noticed the motif/theme–Green, green, green all over. From the interiors, to the boxes used for packaging, even the ice chests.

Local delicacies being sold in the restaurant.

Not a lot of items on the menu. Just rice meals, spaghetti/lasagna, noodle soup, dimsum, pansit, and congee.

Siomai with chilli sauce/calamansi. Was only supposed to eat one, but I ended up munching on two pieces instead. Hehe. ^^

BBQ Liempo, served with ketchup, rice and veggies. It was a bit sweet. I loved its thinness. And IMO it would probably taste better if they used toyomansi or Mang Tomas as a dipping sauce instead of ketchup. 😡 That cute green bottle in the background is their buko pandan juice.

Pansit palabok with pork putopao.

And lastly, dinuguan with chicken putopao.

Okay, so it wasn’t THE best lunch, but it was satisfying.

I hope 2013 is an amazing year for both you and me ^^


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