First of all… (Super belated) Happy New Year!!!! Eeek! Sorry if I haven’t posted in a while… Unfortunately the third sem of this schoolyear has just started, so I’m gonna be very busy for the next couple of weeks. >_<

Interior shot.

Our first trip of 2013 goes to Flapjacks, a restaurant specializing in breakfast meals. I had lunch here after doing some school-related errands.

Chicken strippers.

Starters include Parmesan garlic wings, and the ‘Awesome trio platter’ (which includes buffalo wings, calamari, & nachos). I ordered the chicken strippers, a starter served with fries and honey mustard sauce. It wasn’t too bad, but the fries were unevenly seasoned, and I was expecting the chicken to be a lot crispier (with a consistency similar to KFC’s). And a tip: Better gobble this up while it’s still warm ^^

Their main dishes include the FJ Crispy Fried Chicken, the Cajun-Spiced Porkchop, Fish & Chips, BBQ Pork Ribs, and the Bacon-wrapped Pork Medallions.

They also have combo plates, all-day breakfast (like the bacon & mushroom omelette, & their chicken longganisa), and “sweet treats” (desserts like their Tutti-Fruitti  Crepe, the Itsy-Bitsy Sundae, and this lucious piece of heaven called the Chocolate Madness). Drinks include milkshakes, fruit shakes, floats, juices, and beer. And they have unlimited coffee!


And of course, a breakfast place wouldn’t be complete without pancakes, french toast, and waffles–Or as I like to call them, ‘The big three’ ^^ Flapjacks serves all three of them, and you can choose from three options: Regular (Golden Pancakes, Homemade Waffles, and Traditional French Toast), Platter (This one’s pretty heavy since it comes with two eggs, sausage and bacon) and Fancy, which I ordered.

Chocolatey goodness.

Their Fancy French Toast comes in three varieties–Chocolate, banana pecan, and blueberry. No need to guess which one I chose. Hehe. The bread was really soft, and the chocolate sauce/powdered sugar wasn’t overpowering.

(Notice that I didn’t really order much, coz my parents had their own lunch at Le Ching and I took a few sips of mom’s beef noodle soup– I was starving! So I was pretty much half full by the time we ate here >_<)

Another interior shot. (And yes, that is Sen. Revilla on the TV screen.)

I would definitely recommend this place if you want to have lunch with your family, or if you want to host a children’s party. They have kids meals (called ‘FJ Juniors’… The name honestly reminds me of a college basketball team), plus the friendly staff and the brightly-colored interiors are welcoming and homely. ^^

Flapjacks is located at Retail Center, Ayala TechnoHub, Commonwealth, Quezon City.
Contact Numbers: 4411314 / 0917-582-6731.


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