Kogi Bulgogi

Had a spontaneous lunch at Kogi Bulgogi’s branch in Eastwood today. Kogi is one of my favorite Korean restaurants, so I was really excited to have lunch there after a long time.

Didn’t get to take a lot of interior shots. The restaurant was a bit empty, even during lunch hour…. Hmmm. Oh, and this one Korean guy who was sitting a few seats away from us thought that it would be cool to watch a bunch of Korean variety shows in his phone while eating his lunch -_- Excellent. So even though it was just my family + said Korean guy + Staff inside the resto, it felt like we were in a crowded room  because of the loud noise coming from his phone. Sheesh! He could’ve just lowered the volume or brought his earphones… -_-

-Starters (Tofu steak, kimchijeon, hamul pajeon)
-Hoi (sashimi) & rolls. They even have California maki. o_O
-Twigim, aka Fried food… Including sae-u (shrimp) and ojing-o (squid).
-Rice (Steamed, garlic, fried rice, and kimchi fried rice)
-Gui, aka Grilled food.
-Salad (House salad, kimchi salad)
-Rice toppings
-Soju cocktails, wine & soda.

And of course, Korean cuisine staples like bibimbap, jajangmyeon, jjampong, naengmyeon, japchae, kalbi-jjim, sundubu jigae, bulgogi, & kalbi-tang. They also have a little ice chest filled with Korean ice cream!

No Korean resto isn’t complete without banchan! (appetizers) I gobbled up the kimchi in an instant ^^

Bulgogi ssambap. With rice. Lots of rice. Good thing my mom was there and she was able to help me out. I remember back then when I ordered their kalbi ssambap and I felt like my stomach was going to burst open because I ate too much .__. Anyway, the bulgogi meat was thin and flavorful. And I ate my ssambap Korean-style by wrapping the meat + a little bit of rice in a lettuce leaf. ^^

Mandu (Korean dumplings). This costed PhP130.00… Which I think is a bit pricey for six small pieces. 😡 We really should’ve ordered the mandu-gook (dumpling soup) instead… >_<

Ramyun. Nothing special, it tasted like your average spicy Korean instant noodles. You can adjust the spiciness level from 1-10, with 1 being the least spicy.

Korean-style fried chicken. The skin was really nice and crispy, but the meat was a bit tasteless/tough. It’s good, but I was really disappointed with this one–Back then, the servings were really huge and were packed with flavor.

I was a little bit full afterwards from all the food that I ate. I was worried coz I felt like I was going to have a repeat of the kalbi ssambap incident–Our car was parked outside of Eastwood, so we still had to walk a long way to get to the parking spot. But fortunately for me, it didn’t happen.

I’m gonna be honest here: Unfortunately Kogi’s food isn’t the same as it used to be back then. I distinctly remember the very first time we ate here–The ambiance and food were amazing. And it’s probably going to break my heart if this place were to shut down. T_T So I’m really hoping that they can go back to their original zest soon ^^

Kogi Bulgogi is located at 2/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines.


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