Krazy Garlik

Today’s lunch was held at Krazy Garlik, another restaurant that we had always planned to go to, but never had the time. We went there after dad’s eye checkup.

Krazy Garlik’s food, is, of course, garlic-themed. But the restaurant’s interior, menu design, and even the washrooms have this Alice in Wonderland theme too. I don’t really get the connection between Alice in Wonderland and garlic, but… *shrug* Alrighty, then.

Menu: Appetizers (Beef salpicao rice, Chilean Thai mussels, Creamy garlic fondue), Kids menu, soup & salad, “Hot off the grill” (Steaks & grilled tuna belly), Pasta (Fettucine oriente, Spaghetti vongole, Shrimp maramonte), Pizza (Garlic snowflakes, Four cheese) Rice (“Hara-kiri”, black squid ink rice), Wokrazy (Asian-themed dishes like their Mongolian beef, Pad thai & Kung-pao chicken), Main course (including veggies, pork & beef, chicken & seafood) and of course, dessert.

Smoked Salted Fish Rice, served in a hot stone bowl. It was delicious, but it felt like I was eating ordinary fried rice.

Tofu and baby eggplant. This was dad’s order. Due to our conflicting tastes, I almost always felt indifferent with the stuff that he would order in restaurants, but I tried this one. The tofu was yummy. And the sauce was really tasty–I kept mixing the sauce and the bits of ground beef with my rice.

Our appetizer–Candied Shrimp & Walnut. Looks too pretty to eat! *_* The shrimp was good, but I was a bit disappointed coz I expected the shrimp to taste like Bubba Gump’s 😡 And I don’t get why we had to pay PhP450.00 for this dish–Probably because of the plating, I guess?

40-cloves chicken. I can see why this dish is one of their bestsellers. The skin was very light and crispy, and the meat was juicy with lots of flavor. I also mixed the gravy with my rice, hehe.

And our drink–Water infused with cucumber and lemon. No offense, but I don’t really like it when they add all these flavors to my water… 😡

In the end, we left the restaurant, satisfied by the ambiance and the food (the guy who sat behind us kept praising their adobo). I would definitely come back–I still need to try their pizza after all ^^


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