New Bombay

We had Indian food for the first time today, under mom’s suggestion that we try a new and different type of cuisine. Which was great, since I’ve always wanted to try Indian food too. So after my dental appointment, we headed over to New Bombay restaurant and had our lunch.

Not a lot of interior shots since the place was an open area. My camera was close to running out of batteries after taking these pics x_x Good thing I was still able to take pictures of the food…

Some menu shots. Thanks to years of watching food/travel programs on TLC, most of these items were familiar to me.

Menu: Appetizers (Pakoras, pappadums, shawarma), Vegetarian meals, Paneer & Lentils, Indo-Chinese food (chicken manchurian), Rice (biryani), Indian shorba (soups), Tandoor (vegetarian, paneer, mutton, chicken, seafood), Curry (Mutton, chicken, seafood, egg), Bread (Chapattis, Tandoori roti, Naan, Roomali special, Paratha, Kulcha) Yogurt, Salad, Dessert, and drinks. There’s like a bajillion items on the menu so I only wrote down the basic stuff o_o

It took a while for our food to arrive. ._.

Our appetizer–Samosas. According to the menu, it’s a “crispy puff pastry filled with spicy potatoes and peas.” It’s like an Indian empanada ^^ The puff pastry was crispy, and I love that these samosas were packed with flavorful filling. It came with two dipping sauces–And I found it amusing that the dark brown dip had a hint of mint, while the green dip had a bit of spiciness to it. Hehe.

The main dish was Chicken Tikka Masala (right) with Butter Roti (top) and Garlic Naan bread (left). We were supposed to have the Chicken Tandoor, but our server suggested that we try this one because it goes better with bread (And we can mop up the gravy with it). I’ve never had Chicken Tikka Masala before so I was a bit iffy about trying this dish. It was awesome!!! The tomato sauce-based gravy did not taste like tomatoes at all, which was good. And the chicken pieces were not tough to chew.

Gulab Jamun for dessert. Even though these deep-fried balls of powdered milk were drenched in syrup, the sweetness wasn’t cloying at all.

Best of all, we ended up paying only less than 700 bucks for such savory Indian food. You guys need to give this a try ^^

New Bombay is located at The Podium, 12 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. Tel nos: (+63 2) 637-4367.


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