Chuck’s Deli

Just got home from our lunch at Chuck’s Deli! It’s a little sandwich place located in Eastwood. I wanted to go back to this place so I could try their other sandwiches, and also because I wanted to eat something light.

Interior, plus garlic sauce and bread knives for your sandwiches. The list of names found at the first pic are people who have taken on *drumroll*… THE BUFFY CHALLENGE!!!! If I remember correctly, it’s a challenge where you have to eat a Buffy sandwich in less than five minutes.

-The slabwiches (The Vegetarian, Faking Duck, Off the Hook, California Waki, Chuckatsu, Adobo Dobol, and of course, The Buffy)
-“Oh my greens” (Martin’s Buffy & Waki salad)
-Subwiches (Italian garlic sausage, Philly cheese steak, Footlong chilli dog)
-Soups (Truffled cream of mushroom)
-Sidekicks (Chilli fries, onion rings, double fried french fries)
-Panini (Chorizo, salamanca)
-“Ground & Pounder” (Chorizo burger, Chuck’s half-pounder)
-Chasers & Quenchers (Drinks like floats, fruit shakes/juices/smoothies, wine & beer)

Didn’t really order a lot of food, since I was aware that the servings here are a bit large. So mom and I had the Reuben sandwich, split into two. A Reuben sandwich is basically a sandwich made from corned beef, pastrami, and Swiss cheese with dressing. The meat was tasty, and the bread was made out of fresh dough. But one part of the sandwich had way too much mustard in it, and it (literally) left a nasty taste in my mouth. There was a bit of a booboo when we ordered our sandwich, though–It was supposed to come with a small bowl of onion rings, but I guess the waiter either forgot, or didn’t hear my mom’s request T_T

Our drinks were two milkshakes made from Arce Dairy ice cream. I ordered the peanut butter chocolate, while mom had the quezo real. It tasted really creamy, and I loved that it wasn’t thick, unlike other milkshakes.

We also ordered the Fish & Chips, served with two pieces of fried pickles and potato wedges. It was alright, but the fish was a little bit cold and I had to use the knife to cut through the skin. I couldn’t even cut it with a spoon! Maybe I was just being a lil’ weakling ._. They serve fried chicken too. I’m guessing these two items were only added recently coz I didn’t see them in the menu.

The dishes and ambiance are both great, but in my opinion, they charge a little bit too much for their food. I would recommend this place if you want to hang out with your friends after work or school. ^^

Chuck’s Deli is located at the Ground Floor of Eastwood Mall, Libis Quezon City. Tels.(02) 900-0503, (02) 451-1163, (0933) 441-8622.


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