Umami Hambaaga House

Finally gave Umami a try today.

If I had not given in to the temptation of the Sunrise Buckets next door, then I would’ve given this post the ‘revisit’ tag. (BTW I’ll be doing a review on Sunrise Buckets too, hopefully soon ^^)

But this is technically not the first time I’ve entered Umami and seen its menu–I came in when the restaurant was still newly-opened, and didn’t have a lot of items. I took a brief glance at the menu, which at that time, only had hambaaga steaks and cheesecake, and left the restaurant.


Umami has a really funky interior, with shelves filled with quirky Japanese items like Naruto plushies and a HUUUUUUUUUUGE box of Pocky. They also have a TV screen that showed all these weird Japanese game shows.

Separate menus for burgers and drinks.

As the name suggests, Umami Hambaaga House serves hamburgers. But not with ketchup, mayonnaise, pickles, and cheese, sandwiched between two sesame seed buns. These burgers are served Japanese-style, meaning you have to eat these guys with curry sauce, or rice–in Umami’s case, with Japanese rice, salted edamame beans, sesame mayonnaise salad, and thick well-seasoned fries. For Php 20, you can replace your beef/pork patty with chicken.

These burgers have some really quirky names, with most of them Japanese-themed. There’s the Pikachu (with grilled pineapples), Roppongi Hills (with truffle cream sauce), Maison du Japon (with melted gruyere cheese & caramelized onions), Battousai (with bell pepper sauce & tomatoes), Spirited Away (with foie gras). There’s also The Naked One, if you like your burger plain.

Aside from the burgers, they also have curry plates, small orders (including sweet potato fries, french fries, edamame and karaage), gohan, chahan, and curry chahan.

… Alrighty, then.

Their drinks include cold chocolate, hot tea, cold tea, regular hot coffee, regular cold coffee. But they have hot chocolate and hot specialty coffee too–For the hot chocolate, they have the strawberry belgian classic, choco cheese cream gratin, and the white chocolate latte, and for the hot specialty coffee, they have the sweet potato latte w/ potato soil (Which, I’m sure, is definitely not made from actual soil o_O), sea salt caramel latte, and the rocky road latte with s’mores. *heavy sigh* If only I knew that the drinks would be like this, then I wouldn’t have bought a raspberry-blackcurrant cooler from Starbucks T_T

Oh, and did I mention that they have deconstructed tiramisu & vanilla rice pudding for dessert?

Corn soup!

We ordered the Yakuza’s Choice (with roasted garlic and wasabi mayo). No matter how many bites I took, I could not taste the wasabi mayo at all. u_u

By the way, I totally did not expect these burgers to be this thick! o_o It reminded me of those flame-grilled patties served at Hotshots, Brothers Burger, Wham, etc.

Our other order is the Takeshi’s Castle (with Japanese mayo, bonito flakes, sweet sauce, and nori). This one is a bit better. I chose this one since the menu described this as a burger “for okonomiyaki lovers”, and I’ve always wanted to try okonomiyaki. It was really filling because of the amount of toppings.

Our receipt was handed to us in a little yellow trashcan–And we gave it back by placing it in an adorable little shopping cart.

We left the restaurant with full stomachs and contented smiles on our faces. ^^ I think it’s quite obvious from this entry that I would come back ^_~ Besides, I still need to try those drinks…

Umami Hambaaga House is located at The Grove by Rockwell, 117 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Brgy. Ugong, Pasig, Metro Manila.


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