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Cafe Via Angelo

Right. I’ll try my best not to write a scathing review for this resto.

My dad recommended this restaurant to us for dinner, and since he was the same person who also recommended the amazingly crowded Cafe Lidia, I thought maybe this resto was just as good. What a surprise.

When we got to the place, it was empty, save for the staff, of course.

Interior shots. Not too bad.

Menu: Appetizer (Nachos supreme, Fish & chips, Chicken & chips), Soup (Cream of asparagus, Cream of mushroom, Minestrone soup), Pizza (Chicago, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, New York), Pasta (Arrabiata, Fettucine, Bolognese, Pomodoro), All-day breakfast (Chicken tocino, Native tapa, Boneless fried bangus), Entrees (Salpicao, Tenderloin, Chicken cordon bleu, Pan-seared dory), Sandwiches, and Salad (Ceasars salad, Mixed greens salad, Chef’s salad).

Their iced tea had this nasty, sickeningly-sweet aftertaste, like they added 10 packets of unrefined sugar in it.

Pesto Mare Pasta. It was bland, and the pasta wasn’t al dente.

Buffalo wings. This almost got plus points from me, except the chicken was still undercooked and the meat still had blood in it. And the servings were a tad too small!

Via Alfredo Pizza, with nothing but ham, ground beef, mozzarella, and tomato sauce. This wasn’t too bad, but it tasted really plain. And take note, this was supposed to be their best dish.

Obviously, I did not enjoy my dinner at this resto (sorry, dad!). I actually felt bad for the staff coz the place was deserted–No new customers came in while we were having dinner. The staff was very hospitable and the interior isn’t too bad. Maybe if they can improve the quality (and size) of their food, then it will be a hit for sure. ^^;

Cafe Via Angelo is located at 333 Christ the King Bldg, J.P Rizal St., Sta. Elena, Marikina City.


Spiral @ Sofitel

Warning: Picture-heavy post.

My wonderful parents celebrated their Silver Anniversary yesterday, and because it’s a grand occasion, the three of us headed over to Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s famous Spiral buffet.

I’ve heard about this buffet many times, and it’s supposed to be on the same level as EDSA Shang’s Heat and Crowne Plaza’s Seven Corners buffets. I guess I can consider myself lucky coz I was able to dine in all three sumptuous buffets. Maybe I can do a review of the aforementioned buffets, if I’m luckier? Hehe.

Spiral’s luxurious interior. Check out that elegant spiral staircase!

Our Spiral adventure began with the huge basket of sourdough bread with pesto butter, and regular butter–The dough was soft and flavorful with bits of nuts embedded inside it. The bread’s crust was tough and flaky, but I think that’s how sourdough bread’s crust is supposed to be. ^^ I didn’t want to eat too much though, since I need to make some space in my stomach for more food.

And off we go!!!

This area houses the Chinese, Korean, North Indian, and Japanese stations, plus the pizza and pasta station.

Mom and I shared this plate of freshly-cooked pesto pasta with bacon!

Pumpkin soup.

Unlimited green tea of course, to help us with digestion. Hehe ^^;

By the way, most of their food isn’t really labelled so I’ll just describe them from the way they looked/tasted like.

Plate 1:
-Lechon macau
-Thin-crusted meat pizza
-Roast pork
-Peking duck, with thin crispy skin and flavorful meat. I really wanted to get another piece–Too bad it’s laden in cholesterol T_T
-A piece of tuna maki
-Two pieces of tuna sushi (My fave!)
-The circular yellow one was something that I got from the dimsum section–It had a piece of shrimp inside it.
-A small, yet salty croissant.
-Cheese and broccoli gratin.
-Spicy slices of fried potatoes.
-The deep-fried brown one also came from the dimsum section: Sweet on the inside, and filled with ground pork. Was instantly addicted after taking the first bite.

Plate 2, mostly Korean fare:
-Two more pieces of those sweet, deep-fried thingies with ground pork. Did I mention I was addicted? ^^;
-Huge slices of kimchi.
-Two types of pork kalbi: Spicy, and non-spicy.
-A piece of tempura. Like the Peking duck, its skin was light and crisp.
-Veggie jeon (pancake).
-Chicken yakitori.
-Rice. They kept three types of Korean rice in huge pots, but I only got two–Plain, and one with beans.

Mom’s sukiyaki, and dad’s noodle soup.

While taking a break from all that munching, I decided to walk around and take pictures of the buffet area.

This room is like a mini-delicatessen where you can get thin slices of cheese and cured meat, like prosciutto and Spanish jamon.

But it all came to an abrupt end when this *bleeep!* security guy told us to stop taking pictures of the buffet. u_u

My dessert. A lone marshmallow stick, and a bunch of chocolate chip cookies, coated with chocolate from Spiral’s three (Yep–THREE!) chocolate fountains. To quote Ashley Tisdale’s character in High School Musical… THESE COOKIES ARE GENIUS! Not too sweet, and not too crispy–Just the way I like ’em. You can purchase a box of these heavenly cookies from Spiral 2 Go! They also sell macarons and wine.

And lastly, a fluffy piece of bibingka, and puto bumbong.

What an experience! ^^ The food was amazing, the interiors were fabulous, and the staff was very hospitable and accommodating, as expected from a world-class hotel. My cousin was right–You can’t pick the same food twice coz there’s just way too many options. x_x If given the chance to dine here again, I won’t pass it up for sure.

Spiral is located at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila Hotel, Roxas Boulevard, CCP Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel nos. (+63 2) 551-5555, (+63 2) 832-6988.

Konbini Store

Kobini Store is located deep in the busy roads of Greenhills. We had to battle heavy traffic to get all the way to this place–Good thing I still remember the exact location.

Their flyer denotes that ‘Konbini’ is the Japanese term for ‘Convenience store’. So as the name suggests, it’s a small convenience store filled with imported Japanese snacks, drinks, condiments, etc. Seriously, if I could, I would walk around the store for minutes without buying a single thing.

Look at all of these goodies! I wanted to buy strawberry crush Pocky, sakura & green tea Kitkat, Japanese snack cakes and a tall bottle of CC Lemon, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough cash at that moment. And as I mentioned earlier, the stuff that they sell is directly imported from Japan, so it’s a bit pricier than usual.

Konbini Store also has a small Japanese restaurant located at the back. They serve ramen, gyoza, karaage, maki, and gohan.

Tonkotsu ramen. The noodles were long, thin, and reminded me of pasta. The pork bone broth tasted really milky. And the slices of pork meat were thin and melted in your mouth. They also have slim ebi tempura, which tasted a bit bland.

Meaty gyoza, which is slightly a bit bigger than the other gyozas I’ve tried.

Flavorful California maki.

Veggie ramen, with shoyu (soy sauce) base.

The food was okay, but if I were to come back here, it would be for the convenience store. But if you’re looking for a cheap, yet tasty and filling ramen lunch, then this would be the perfect place to go! ^^

Konbini Store is located at 57 Connecticut St, Greenhills, San Juan. Tel no: 722-426.

International House Of Pancakes

… And so after months and months and months of waiting for the right time to come, as well as planning strategies, I have dined and am now finally doing a review on IHOP, aka The International House of Pancakes. When I first heard that they were opening their first branch here, I was thrilled! I’ve heard all about IHOP from the stuff I’ve watched on TV and dreamed of being able to try their huge fluffy pancakes in real life.

We were worried that we might not be able to find a seat once the brunch/lunch shift started, as well as having to deal with the massively long lines that the resto is currently known for–So mom and I seriously had to wake up at the crack of dawn (around 6:00 AM) and carpool with dad on his way to the office. He dropped us off at St. Luke’s, then met up with my cousin near McDonald’s.

The three of us were relieved when we saw that the place was empty—But that’s because all of the customers were upstairs, having breakfast at the second floor. Hehe. So we found ourselves a seat, right next to a Korean-American girl from International School Manila who, like, won’t stop, like, talking to, like, her friends.

Menu: Hearty omelettes, meat-free omelettes, breakfast combinations, steak combinations, hash brown stacks, oatmeal, sweet crepes, savory crepes, sandwiches, IHOP classic burgers, appetizers, soups & fresh salads, hearty dinner favorites, delicious desserts, specialty entrees, and a ‘just for kids’ menu. And of course, the big three–French toast, waffles, and pancakes.

Syrup shots! You can choose from three varieties: Old-fashioned, butter pecan, and strawberry. My cousin jokingly wanted to take the butter pecan syrup home with her. Hahahaha!

My cousin’s drink: The splashberry. I didn’t get to try this one, but I heard it was a bit sour.

Chicken and waffles. The chicken meat was well seasoned, and the skin had a nice crunch. The waffles were HUGE. A bit heavy and thick, but really crispy.

Hot chocolate served in a homely-looking mug. It tasted like the bitter, Spanish-type chocolate where you dip churros in 😡 And since I’m not a big fan of that type of hot chocolate, I didn’t enjoy this one very much. It (literally) left a bad taste in my mouth.

The Split Decision, consisting of French toast with bacon, sausage, two fried eggs, and a plate of regular pancakes.

My cousin ordered the Colorado omelette. It had bits of ham, beef, sausage, and invisible cheese inside it. I say ‘invisible’ coz I couldn’t taste the cheese at all. Still good, though ^^ It also came with a small bowl of salsa.

Moist chocolate chip pancakes!

IHOP truly gave me one of the best breakfast experiences ever. Will I go back again? Heck yes! I’m looking forward to trying their country-fried steak and their biscuits and gravy combo. (I wonder if this means I’ll have to wake up early with every visit, though… >_<)

IHOP is located at the W Global Center, 30th St. Corner 9th Ave, BGC, Taguig.
Tel nos: 682-5611.


I remember when KKK first opened a couple of years ago–I didn’t really pay any attention to it at first, and just saw it as a typical Filipino restaurant. But now I’m glad I did ^^

Words of wisdom.

Interior shots.

A picture of their rather worn-out menu. Here are the items:
-Mga bagong menu
-Unang sigaw (Sisig pampanga, tuna pika, maquezong scallops)
-Soups (Suwam na halaan at kabute, tinanglad, sinigang)
-Mga titilan (Ensaladang inihaw na talong, krispy kangkong salad), -Piggy-tarian specialties (Binagoongang lechon kawali, Adobo ni Jake espesyal),
-Maki-baka specialties (Kare-kareng baka, bistek flakes),
-Sa pula sa puti (Lechon manok na niluto sa gata, pinitpit na manok) -Mga yamang dagat at ilog (Pla-pla na inihaw sa asin, catfish fillet with sitaw, paru-parong pla-pla, garlic pusit)
-Mga gulay (Laing sa gata, gising gising, pinakbet ng KKK)
-Mga pancit at ensaymada (Pancit luglog, lucban, tinapa, bibingka special)
-Mga panghimagas
-Mga inumin

Sago’t gulaman, my favorite local drink ^^

I had the Inihaw na Liempo, bacon cut. I really enjoyed eating this since I like my liempo thin and not too fatty. The meat also has a hint of sweetness to it.

On the left, you have the Krispy bangus belly sa manggang hinog sarsa for the parents. For our rice, we had the Kanin ng KKK. I was a bit disappointed when my mom ordered this one since I was craving for plain rice at that time–But I completely changed my mind once I took the first bite. Oh gosh. This was really good.

Krispy okoy. Nothing special, I had to dip it in vinegar in order to appreciate the taste -_-

We were a bit full so we weren’t able to try their suman con chocolate. u_u Anyway, this resto is great if you want to have lunch or dinner with your relatives or friends (esp. if one of them’s a balikbayan). I guess you can say I experienced a real ‘ Pinoy food revolution’ during my stay here. ^^

KKK is located at the Lower Ground Level of SM Megamall Bldg. B, EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Broaster Chicken

After much curiosity, I finally decided to try out Broaster Chicken, the little chicken place located at Robinson’s Movieworld in Robinson’s Magnolia. I’ve been to Robinson’s Magnolia many times already, but I never really got to see their movie house since we always end up eating at the foodcourt.

This ‘Man VS. Food’ clip explains the process of broasting chicken. They were playing the same clip too at the counter.

Menu: Chicken, of course–You can have it with either rice or potato wedges. And you can choose between tenders, Cajun wings, or regular chicken. They have sides (mashed potatoes, onion rings, & coleslaw), family boxes, and chicken burgers too.

I ordered my food for takeout coz my parents wanted to eat at Kenny Rogers. We had to wait for around 15 minutes for my takeout to arrive.

I ordered chicken tenders! The chicken was very meaty, and the skin was light and crisp. Was expecting it to taste a lot saltier, especially after being soaked in a salt brine for 24 hours. It came with a tangy honey-mustard dipping sauce, which complimented the chicken.

The onion rings were delicious too, but a bit soggy.

For dessert, a chunky, yet bland-tasting cookie. -_-

Verdict: It’s good, but it’s not as crispy and juicy as I expected it to be. I’ll give it another try, though.

Broaster Chicken is located at Robinson’s Magnolia (Level 3, Cinema Area).

Crazy Katsu

First and foremost: HELLO, SUMMER BREAK! Yay! I don’t really know what I’ll be doing this summer, but if I’m not lazy (*deep sigh*), I’ll start organizing my pictures from 2012-January 2013–So don’t be confused if you notice that some pictures from the older entries have gone missing. ^^;

Before my 2nd exam, I had lunch with my mom at Crazy Katsu. I’ve always heard about this place, but I never thought that I’d actually be able to write a review for it since we don’t usually drive through this area.

It’s a small place, so there’s not a lot of interior shots.

They have katsu (of course), cooked in a variety of ways. They also have chicken katsu, and a katsu salad. Non-katsu dishes include burger steak, fish tempura, curry rice, and sukiyaki. I ordered their gyoza but unfortunately, it wasn’t available that day.

My order! It was definitely filling for a small bowl of katsudon. The katsu slices were thick and huge, but the meat was alright. The leek slices tasted a bit strong, though.

For dessert, we ordered the pudding. It comes in two flavors–Coffee, and caramel. We ordered the caramel, and TBH it just looked (and tasted) like a round piece of leche flan in a fancy glass.

The food wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t really tasty either. But it’s a great place to go if you’re a student on a budget. My mom thought it was a bit expensive, though… 😡

Crazy Katsu is located at #81 Maginhawa St. UP Teacher’s Village, Diliman, Quezon City. Tel nos: 435-0030.