Caffe Bene

Made a quick stopover at Caffe Bene today after a long day at the hospital (Had to accompany a relative who’s suffering from a nasty backache–She’s doing okay now, thank goodness x_x)

It was a looooong walk from our parking spot in Eastwood Mall to Eastwood City Walk 2, where the cafe was located. At first, we were a bit confused after we entered the cafe, since we couldn’t find the counter or the staff–Turns out we had arrived in the 2nd floor instead. Hehe.

Coffee bean mural.

View from the top ^^

I read in the March issue of Meg magazine that Caffe Bene has over 800 branches in South Korea! Wow! They even have this coffee-making college in Seoul if you want to become a Caffe Bene barista.

They serve cakes, Liege waffles and Honey Bread.

If you want some frozen treats, you can try their gelato, as well as their bingsu.

We got the garlic & cheese-flavored Honey Bread! Reeealllly thick slices of bread slathered with cheesy, buttery goodness.

Mom had the green tea latte, while I had the chocolate latte. The chocolate latte tasted like plain, creamy hot chocolate–And even though this is one of their coffee-based drinks, I didn’t taste a hint of bitter coffee–Which is a good thing for me.

This is an excellent place to go to if you just want to chill out and have a good conversation with your friends. The relaxing atmosphere of the cafe is also good for students who want to do their homework.

All in all, I had a very, very bene time at Caffe Bene, and I can’t wait to come back ^^

Caffe Bene is located at GF City Walk 2, Eastwood City, Bagumbayan, Quezon City.


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