Broaster Chicken

After much curiosity, I finally decided to try out Broaster Chicken, the little chicken place located at Robinson’s Movieworld in Robinson’s Magnolia. I’ve been to Robinson’s Magnolia many times already, but I never really got to see their movie house since we always end up eating at the foodcourt.

This ‘Man VS. Food’ clip explains the process of broasting chicken. They were playing the same clip too at the counter.

Menu: Chicken, of course–You can have it with either rice or potato wedges. And you can choose between tenders, Cajun wings, or regular chicken. They have sides (mashed potatoes, onion rings, & coleslaw), family boxes, and chicken burgers too.

I ordered my food for takeout coz my parents wanted to eat at Kenny Rogers. We had to wait for around 15 minutes for my takeout to arrive.

I ordered chicken tenders! The chicken was very meaty, and the skin was light and crisp. Was expecting it to taste a lot saltier, especially after being soaked in a salt brine for 24 hours. It came with a tangy honey-mustard dipping sauce, which complimented the chicken.

The onion rings were delicious too, but a bit soggy.

For dessert, a chunky, yet bland-tasting cookie. -_-

Verdict: It’s good, but it’s not as crispy and juicy as I expected it to be. I’ll give it another try, though.

Broaster Chicken is located at Robinson’s Magnolia (Level 3, Cinema Area).


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