Cafe Via Angelo

Right. I’ll try my best not to write a scathing review for this resto.

My dad recommended this restaurant to us for dinner, and since he was the same person who also recommended the amazingly crowded Cafe Lidia, I thought maybe this resto was just as good. What a surprise.

When we got to the place, it was empty, save for the staff, of course.

Interior shots. Not too bad.

Menu: Appetizer (Nachos supreme, Fish & chips, Chicken & chips), Soup (Cream of asparagus, Cream of mushroom, Minestrone soup), Pizza (Chicago, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, New York), Pasta (Arrabiata, Fettucine, Bolognese, Pomodoro), All-day breakfast (Chicken tocino, Native tapa, Boneless fried bangus), Entrees (Salpicao, Tenderloin, Chicken cordon bleu, Pan-seared dory), Sandwiches, and Salad (Ceasars salad, Mixed greens salad, Chef’s salad).

Their iced tea had this nasty, sickeningly-sweet aftertaste, like they added 10 packets of unrefined sugar in it.

Pesto Mare Pasta. It was bland, and the pasta wasn’t al dente.

Buffalo wings. This almost got plus points from me, except the chicken was still undercooked and the meat still had blood in it. And the servings were a tad too small!

Via Alfredo Pizza, with nothing but ham, ground beef, mozzarella, and tomato sauce. This wasn’t too bad, but it tasted really plain. And take note, this was supposed to be their best dish.

Obviously, I did not enjoy my dinner at this resto (sorry, dad!). I actually felt bad for the staff coz the place was deserted–No new customers came in while we were having dinner. The staff was very hospitable and the interior isn’t too bad. Maybe if they can improve the quality (and size) of their food, then it will be a hit for sure. ^^;

Cafe Via Angelo is located at 333 Christ the King Bldg, J.P Rizal St., Sta. Elena, Marikina City.


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