Cookbook Kitchen

Cookbook Kitchen’s food has always received positive reviews from different food critics. Would you believe that this restaurant got famous through word of mouth? ^^ I remember when we tried looking for its original location in Mandaluyong, but unfortunately, we were unsuccessful. Good thing they branched out so that other people (such as myself) can get the chance to try their culinary concoctions.

We dined at their Eastwood branch around 2 in the afternoon, so the place was empty. I heard the original resto has a more homey feel to it. ^^

Menu: Appetizers (French fries with honey mustard, Champignon with carmelized onions, CBK Italian toast, Garlic shrimp), Soup (Sausage chowder), Salad, Pasta (Creamy shrimp linguine, Aglio e olio, Fruitti di mare, Alla checca), Pork (Pork steak with honey mustard sauce, Chops pizzaiola, Onion glazed twin chops, Pineapple soy spareribs) Beef & Lamb (Gen’s steak, Beef ribbonettes with asparagus tips), Chicken (CBK chicken, Chicken zucchini), Sausage (USA kielbasa, Spicy Italian sausage, Italian sausage), Fish (White fish with lemon parsley sauce, Wasabi soy fish, Walnut crusted white fish with mango ginger sauce), Dessert (Strawberry shortcake overload, Helen’s moist chocolate cake).

Mom had the Ilocos pasta with longganisa bits. She really liked this because she’s a big fan of Vigan longganisa. The waiter gave us a small cup of vinegar, so we can mix it into our pasta and add a bit of oomph. ^^ All of their pastas are served with a piece of soft ciabatta bread.

I had the Parmesan-crusted White Fish, which is one of their bestselling dishes. We had the petite version, so the serving was smaller than usual. It’s not the first time I’ve tried this, but everytime I get the chance to, I’m always amazed by how flavorful it is. The fish fillet literally melts in your mouth.

For our dessert, we had the Kittin’s Scarlet Cake, a veeeerrry moist red velvet cake dusted with cocoa powder. Like our parmesan-crusted fish, we also ordered the petite version.

Rootbeer float!

This restaurant is great if you want to feast on heartwarming, home-cooked meals with your family. It is in this restaurant where I truly discovered the craft of good food. ^^

Cookbook Kitchen is located at Eastwood Mall, Bagumbayan Quezon City. Tel nos. (02) 709-3593.


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    […] caught my attention when it opened a couple of weeks ago. If we had seen it right before eating at Cookbook Kitchen, then we would’ve chosen this place instead (Not that I didn’t enjoy my meal at […]

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