Cyma Greek Taverna

As I mentioned in one of my previous entries, my mother is always willing to try different types of cuisine. Earlier today, we needed to find a restaurant to celebrate two occasions: 1.) Mother’s day, and 2.) My super late post-graduation dinner (Yep–I finally made it! ^^) There were so many restaurants to choose from, but we ended up picking Cyma Greek Taverna in Eastwood (yes, Eastwood… Again)

Since we’re not used to eating Greek food, it took us a while before we could decide on our final order.

Their beautiful menu contains pictures of lush Greek scenery, as well as tidbits and quotes about Greece and Greek food.

Menu items: Orektikas (appetizers), Soupas (soup), Salates (salads), Gyros & sandwiches, Souvlakia souvlaki (Greek shish kabobs), Cyma pastas, Yiouvetsi, Fresh char-grilled fish, Fish fillets, Glyka (desserts) and beverages.

They also have the Cyma specialties, which include: Ladera (vegetables), Fish and shellfish, Hirine (pork), Kotopoulo (chicken), Moschari (beef), and Arni (lamb).

Our (very) friendly and hospitable waiter probably noticed me jotting down the menu items, so he gave me a large piece of paper which contains a list of Mezedes/Mezzes. I appreciate his kindness, but I think I need to be more discreet next time. ^^;

My parents had this gigantic salad forest called the Roka Salata, topped with walnuts and thin slices of parmesan cheese.

I had the Bifteka Greek Wagyu Burger. It’s a burger made out of Wagyu(!), with gigantic slices of baked potatoes, onion, tomatoes, lettuce, and a thick slice of Feta cheese. The meat patty is 100% beef. Really tasty, and the bread was perfectly toasted. The cheese was a bit overpowering, though.

Pasta Vassilikos, penne pasta with tomatoes, bits of cheese, chicken and sausage pieces swimming in extra-virgin olive oil. Even though the pasta was drenched in oil, I didn’t get that nasty, queasy feeling after eating. It tasted amazing.

Great food, an excellent and attentive staff, and a spectacular ambiance all await you at Cyma Greek Taverna. At first I thought that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my time here since like I said earlier–I wasn’t familiar with Greek food at all. But I left the restaurant feeling satisfied and already anticipating the next visit. Opa! ^^

Cyma is located at the 2/F of the Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Tel nos: (02) 709-1955.

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