Had lunch at Sentosa last Saturday because I missed their lovely Singaporean fare. I cannot even remember the last time I ate here–All I remember was that I enjoyed their food very much and that I couldn’t wait to come back so I could try more of their dishes.

Menu: Appetizers (Satay kajang, popiah, five spice meat roll), Salad (Thai shrimp pomelo salad, crispy catfish salad), Soup (Tom yum goong, bak kuh teh), Noodles (Singaporean laksa, prawn mee noodles soup, phad thai noodles, Singaporean hokkien noodles, black pepper noodles with seafood), Chicken (Thai pandan wrap chicken, Singaporean hainanese boneless chicken), Beef (beef rendang, Sentosa 7-spice beef), Pork (Kopi walnut spareribs, Sentosa garlic spareribs), Seafood (Tilapia in assam sambal sauce, Singaporean chilli crab, salt & pepper crab, coconut cream crab), Rice toppings (Nasi lemak and nasi goreng), Rice (Sentosa fried rice), Vegetables (Sambal kangkong), Drinks, and Dessert (Gula melaka, Thai red ruby with coconut cream, Pisang goreng).

Garlic and cheese-flavored Roti Canai and curry dip for our appetizer.

Next up, we have the tasty Char Kuey Teow with squid, bean sprouts, chilli, and flat chewy noodles.

Crispy fish fillet with mango, Singaporean style. We never forget to order this when we eat at Sentosa. The fish is really crispy, and the chilli sauce gives it a nice kick.

Thai grilled lemongrass chicken. It had a rather smoky taste to it. The sauce compliments the chicken very well!

A cup of Hainanese rice, and a Thai curry dish that we got for free (I forgot its name >_<).

And lastly, a refreshing cold glass of Thai iced tea.

Everytime we dine here, I am constantly reminded why Sentosa is included in my list of favorite Singaporean restaurants. Its ambiance and cuisine are surely worth a try. ^^

Sentosa is located at the 6th floor of Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.


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