Slappy Cakes

Slappy Cakes is a breakfast restaurant located in Eastwood. This place caught my attention when it opened a couple of weeks ago. If we had seen it right before eating at Cookbook Kitchen, then we would’ve chosen this place instead (Not that I didn’t enjoy my meal at Cookbook! ^^).

Some interior shots, of course.

I was not expecting to find a pancake griddle on our table, hehehe. I guess this is what probably sets Slappy Cakes apart from the other breakfast places–You get to make your own pancakes! The good thing about having to create your own pancakes is that you can liberally adjust your pancake’s size and thickness to your liking.

There’s also a process in ordering the type of pancakes that you want: First, you choose the type of batter that you like (Buttermilk, whole-grain, chocolate… They even have a vegan option), 2.) Pick some “fixin’s” (Fruits like strawberries, blueberries, bananas, coconut), 3.) Add some toppings (Apple sauce, honey, maple syrup, whipped cream), and finally 4.) Choose your “savory” (Sausages, bacon… They even have salted duck eggs and spring onions!).

Menu. Aside from pancakes, they also have: Slappy Plates and Entrees (“toad in a hole”, mixed vegetable scramble, French toast, oatmeal), Slap Happy-noy (topsy tapa, bongga longganisa), and Desserts.

Drinks menu: “Zero proof”, “Add sparkle to your day”, “Bloody Mary”, Drinks (Twinnings tea, overflowing coffee, shakes smoothies & juices, sodas), Hot chocolate, Milk, & Local brews. Interestingly enough, most of their drinks have alcohol in them.

Here we have our cooking utensils, Buttermilk pancake batter, bacon bits, Nutella, and an assortment of syrups–Maple syrup, simple syrup, and mango-flavored syrup.

Let’s get cooking! *rubs hands*

The finished product! ^^ I personally like my pancakes small and thin. In the end, we ended up taking some of the pancakes home since I didn’t have anything to eat the next day… Plus according to our waiter, if we don’t take these pancakes home, then we would be wasting a good amount of pancake batter.

Mom’s order: The Tocino Tociyes, with eggs, fried rice, and mango salsa.

In the end, this extraordinary pancake experience had left us all feeling contented and full.

But there’s a huge downside though, a very expensive one, actually: We ended up paying a HUGE amount of money. I’m not really sure what made the entire meal pricey–Was it because of the griddle? And I think it’s absurd that we have to shell out so much cash for pancakes–A type of food that you can easily make at home.

The food is excellent, and so is the atmosphere/staff. I just wish they wouldn’t charge so much. u_u

Slappy Cakes is located at G/F Eastwood Mall Open Park, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City.


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