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Ryu Ramen & Curry

What luck!!! It hasn’t been too long since my last visit to Tomas Morato, but I was able to score a trip again since my dad had to meet up with a friend who lives in that area. I also grabbed the opportunity to finally head over to Ryu Ramen & Curry to try their dishes. I know it hasn’t been too long since my last ramen entry either, but we didn’t have any other choice (Actually there’s still Casa Filipino, but I think that place is reserved for special occasions.)

The interior looks a bit different from what I expected. o_o

Menu: Appetizers, Ala-carte (Tonkatsu, karaage, tamanegi, ebi tempura), Rice (Gohan, chahan), Ramen (Miso butter corn, chasyu, ryu ramen curry), Curry (Katsucheese curry, tori katsu curry, tori karaage curry, pork gyoza curry, ebi furai curry, beef tendon curry), and Dessert.

They also have the Specialty Japanese Sandwiches, which is served from 11AM to 5 PM. We had lunch there at around 4 in the afternoon, but when I tried ordering one, the waitress told me that they were temporarily not available!!! Disappointing >__<

A little bit of trivia for you ^^

Mom and I ordered the Little Ryu Ramen, split into two. We really wish we hadn’t done that, coz when they say little… They do mean LITTLE. Look at the size of that thing!!! It’s almost cute, actually. 😡 But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in taste. The broth was flavorful and savory, and the noodles were thin and chewy. It had a lot of ground pork and veggies in it. Mom liked the tender slices of chasyu.

Dad ordered the Tantanmen, which was served in a (slightly) bigger bowl.

Gyoza. The gyoza in Ryu can be cooked in two different ways—Pan-fried, or deep-fried. You can also choose between pork gyoza, or chicken and shrimp gyoza. I wanted to try their Teba (chicken wing) Gyoza, but apparently, it takes around 20 minutes to prepare >_<

All in all, everything tasted amazing. What I liked about Ryu Ramen & Curry was that the ramen bowls weren’t TOO big (unlike other ramen places), giving your stomach more room to try some of the other stuff on their menu. However, I’m just a little bit upset that I wasn’t able to try the dishes that I want.

Ryu Ramen & Curry is located at the Upper ground floor of MJB building, 220 Tomas Morato Ave. Corner Dr. Lazcano St., Quezon City.



Sorry if this entry lacks certain details since it was a spontaneous trip—We were supposed to go to another restaurant but couldn’t do so because of a sudden downpour, so we ended up having dinner at Quiznos since it’s the place nearest to our church.

This is also the first time I took pictures from my iPad so I apologize if the shots are a bit blurry/messy >_<

Anyway, Quiznos seemed familiar to me since I kept seeing their print advertisements in American magazines, as well as on the internet. So when they opened a branch in Eastwood, I couldn’t be more delighted. (It’s right next to my favorite bakeshop too.)

Their type of sandwiches include: Subsliders, Signature, Classic, Flatbread, and Savory Steak. You can pick the size of your sandwich, as well as the type of bread you want. I chose the Italian white bread. I was expecting my bread to be tough and chewy like a baguette, but it was the exact opposite—The dough was 100% fresh.

Other stuff on their menu include salads, rice bowls, desserts, soups, and Frito Lay chips.

The sandwich on the left is their Peppercorn Steak, with steak, mozzarella, sautéed bacon, and mild peppercorn sauce. The uber-thin meat slices were heavenly. I couldn’t really taste the mozzarella though (and it wasn’t gooey enough), but I didn’t care. By the way, there’s a slim chance that your hands—or clothes—will still be clean after you finish this sandwich. Hehe ^^

On the right, you have the Chicken Carbonara, with all-natural chicken, bacon, mozzarella, mushroom, and alfredo sauce. I enjoyed eating this one too even though chicken sandwiches aren’t really my type. ^^;

I had a chocolate chip cookie, of course.

If you’re looking for a light, yet filling meal (Or if you’re just a sandwich person like me) then head on over to Quiznos to satisfy your sandwich cravings.

Quiznos is located at Eastwood TechnoPlaza 2, Libis, Quezon City. Official Website

Ramen Cool

The first time we came to this store was almost a year ago, when we came home from a stormy trip to Batangas. It wasn’t included in our itinerary—But we ended up here since it was raining at that time and we wanted to fill our stomachs with something warm.

I have a feeling that the place gets packed during lunch/dinner…

Menu: New and Cool, Ramen (Nabeyaki, miso, tempura, katsu curry, gomoku, mabo, hiyashichuka), Ramen Cool Add-ons (Pork yakisoba, chashu, chicken karaage, sukiyaki), Cool Mains (Yakiniku pork, chicken yakitori, beef teppan, yasaitame, tonkatsu), Cool Maki (Tuna spicy mayo, salmon freedom, sweet ka-tuna, tempura islander, spicy alaskan duo), Cool Mixed Rice (Kani salad, miso soup, chashu mixed rice), and Donburi (Katsudon, pork teriyaki, gyudon, spicy chicken, katsu curry rice, chirashi regular).

I had the Pork Shioramen. The slices of chasyu go really well with the spring onion bits and the long, thin noodles. The broth was not overly-salty either, with a nice clean finish.

Crispy Ebi Tempura. 

Flavorful Crabstick Mixed Rice and warm, hearty Miso Soup.

A ramen meal isn’t complete without a plate of Gyoza!

RC Seafood Yakisoba. I love that the noodles were also thin. The sauce that they used was slightly sweet, but the ingredients could use a little more salt.

For drinks, I had their Milo Dinosaur. It looks/tastes a bit different to the Milo Dinosaur(s?) served in Singaporean restaurants—This one had a dollop of cream in it, and the top part of the drink wasn’t warm. But still, I enjoyed its chocolatey goodness.

We left the restaurant with full stomachs—The servings are a bit large here so if you want to try several of Ramen Cool tasty dishes, you better bring a companion with you. ^^;

Ramen Cool is located at 25 East Kapitolyo Drive corner West Capitolyo Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig. Tel nos: 636-0972.

Little Asia

We travelled all the way to Tomas Morato to celebrate Father’s Day at Little Asia. The last time we ate here was kinda memorable coz while waiting for our food, a camera crew from ABS-CBN stopped by and interviewed some of the other diners (not us, though). Hehe!

Hmmmm, the interior seems to have changed… It was raining when we arrived here, so I wasn’t able to take a picture of the exterior.

Their placemat features a list of awards that the restaurant has accumulated through the years. One taste of their food and you won’t be wondering why the list is that long ^^

Menu: Appetizers (Little Asia appetizer sampler, Prawns wrapped in bacon), Soup (Pumpkin & carrot soup), Salads (Little Asia’s fresh island salad), Poultry (Little Asia’s crispy chicken, Sichuan chicken), Meat (Lengua in mushroom white sauce, Salt & pepper frog legs, Lamb tenderloin butteryaki), Seafood (Cantonese prawns, Fish fillet wrapped in bacon, Coconut fish fillet, Vietnamese crispy squid with garlic), Vegetables (Japanese tofu steak, Fried green beans), Rice (Japanese beef fried rice), Noodles (Combination chow mien), and Dessert (Fried bananas).

… It’s mostly Chinese fare, but they also have dishes from other countries like Pad Thai, Sizzling Balot(!), Korean beef stew, and Vietnamese spring rolls.

Fish Fillet in Creamy Buttermilk Sauce. Yummy! The fish wasn’t dry or flaky at all. It was really moist. And the sauce? Pure heaven! It lives up to its name by being creamy and buttery, with a hint of sweetness.

Spicy Hunan Chicken. It wasn’t as spicy as I expected it to be. It’s alright though–At least I got to share it with my mom. ^^; The chicken pieces were really juicy, and the skin was crackling too.

Wonderfully seasoned Salted Fish Fried Rice.

Mixed Seafood In Clay Pot.

Chocolate Sweet Potato Chips, served with vanilla ice cream. This was a disappointment–It had too much chocolate in it, and I couldn’t taste the saltiness of their potato chips at all. It goes really well with the ice cream, though. But maybe I should’ve tried their Chocolate Covered Bacon instead…

I’m happy (and relieved) that the quality of Little Asia’s food hasn’t changed over time, allowing its diners to experience a wonderful symphony of flavor.

Little Asia is located at 195-B Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Scout Fuentebella, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Chef Laudico Guevarra’s

I came here earlier today with my relatives to celebrate my grandma’s 85th birthday (Happy birthday, ma!!). Won’t be saying much in this entry–I’ll just let the pictures do the talking ^^;

The restaurant has an antique charm to it, since it used to be an old ancestral house. I forgot to take a picture of the restaurant’s gate… >_<

Interior. The Abad Santos function room was reserved for us.

What I found at the buffet (Well, the ones I can remember, at least…): Sisig in little wonton cups, Pininyahang manok, Sinampalukang manok, Laing, Fishballs, Fish in lumpia wrappers, Pork liempo, Lechon (of course!), grilled Gindara, Seafood pesto, Pancit canton, Paella, Patatim, Chilli crab, Roast beef, Pizza (in seafood/”karnevorous” types), Beef tapa, Gratin, Kare-kare, and Sashimi.

As for the drinks, they have soda machines with Pepsi products. I also drowned myself in their Lipton red iced tea. ^^;

My plate. Basically, I had seafood pesto, and lots and lots of meat. Pork, to be specific. I’m not really a vegetable person so I didn’t like the vegetable gratin that much. I also made the mistake of picking a huge slab of beef, and I had a hard time chewing/cutting it into pieces. But other than that, everything tasted delicious. The chunks of tuna sashimi were really fresh and thick – Or maybe I just enjoyed munching on it coz I haven’t had tuna sushi/sashimi in a long time ^^;

Dessert: Strawberry and chocolate soft-serve ice cream, made from carabao’s milk. They also have leche flan, cupcakes, tarts, ube balls, and a caramel fountain. Their maja blanca is a surefire winner too.

I really wanted to get some of those delectable-looking chocolates that they sold outside, but I was worried that they might cost PhP100.00 a piece or something >_<

I would recommend this restaurant if a friend or a relative is celebrating something grand, like a milestone birthday, or a graduation/wedding party.

Chef Laudico Guevarra’s is located at 387 P. Guevarra Street, San Juan, Metro Manila.

Thai Dara

On a sunny afternoon, the parents and I scouted for a venue where we could celebrate my grandma’s upcoming birthday celebration. By coincidence, we were also heading to Kapitolyo on that day, so I suggested that we have early lunch at Thai Dara.

As far as I know, Thai Dara has two branches–The aforementioned one in Pasig, and one in Quezon City, which we always pass by whenever we go to Robinson’s Magnolia. I never really had the chance to see the QC branch open, though. o_O

The place is a bit cramped. The interiors were plain, but were still sparsely decorated with twinkling Thai trinkets.

As you can see, this place is frequented by celebrities.

They also have a TV screen that plays Thai music videos.

He’s cute but not as cute as Nichkhun Horvejkul or Mario Maurer, sorry.

Menu: Pork Satay, Som Tam, Panang Curry Beef, Tom Kha Gai, Basil Chicken, Pak Boong, Num Tok, 3some Fried Rice, Crab Fried Rice, and Yellow Curry Fried Rice. They use authentic Thai curry for their curry dishes!

Their bestselling dish, and what I came to Thai Dara for: Pad Thai. Even though the serving was small, I still felt full after eating. I love that the flat rice noodles were very firm and thin, and it didn’t taste too sweet. ^^

We also tried their Bangkok Spring Rolls. I love that these spring rolls were still warm five minutes after serving. The skin was very crispy, and it wasn’t drenched in oil either.

My dad ordered their Tom Yum Shrimp soup! It’s my first time trying Tom Yum Goong. The soup was very flavorful–Not too sour, and not too spicy either.

Dynamite Chicken. Yes, fried chicken wings in a Thai restaurant! Some people might complain that there’s too much breading, but I liked it. The crispiness and sweetness of the coating was just perfect.

Bagoong Rice. Unfortunately, I only got to try this once coz I was busy with my Pad Thai. It wasn’t too bad.

A glass of Thai iced tea to wet my whistle ^^;

Judging from the descriptions, you may think that I found the food mediocre–Absolutely not. I enjoyed the food there, and found myself wanting to try some of their other dishes. I learned from one of the waiters that their food is cooked by a Thai chef, so Thai Dara’s food is probably the closest thing you can get to tasting authentic Thai cuisine. ^^

Thai Dara is located at 23 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig city, and 56 Granada street, Brgy. Valencia, Quezon City.

Ramen Bar

The rainy season is just around the corner! And what better way to enjoy it than eating a bowl of piping hot ramen? There was a light drizzle this afternoon, the three of us went to Ramen Bar for our early dinner.

Menu: Small platters (Yakiniku beef, ebi tempura, ebi buns), Big plates (Chasyu rice bowl, yakiniku beef rice topping, spicy kakuni rice bowl), Big bowls (Shio ramen, RBS 1, tottemo yasai ramen, super chasyu ramen), Toppings, Sweets (Tempura ice cream), and Drinks (Calpis water, Calpis soda).

They also have seasonal menu which consists of: Shoyu 2.0. Ramen, Kakuni King Ramen, Bikkuri Ramen, and the Curry Chahan.

Kakuni Buns. It reminds me of the cuapao served in Hen Lin or Dimsum & Dumplings. I love the sauce that they used here. The pork was tender too.

Cheese gyoza. This was really good–It had the perfect balance of ground pork and cheese, and the combination of the cheese dip and the gyoza’s cheese filling wasn’t cloying at all.

My choice of ramen was their Spicy Karaage Ramen. The spiciness level of the ramen soup is quite high. The noodles were thick (but not like udon). The chicken pieces were good, but it had little bones in them, so it was a bit tough to swallow.

Mom had the Shoyu Ramen

… While dad had the spicy Seafood Ramen.

I just realized that they all look the same… ._.

To be honest, I didn’t enjoy my ramen too much (I liked the gyoza and the kakuni buns, though). Maybe I just made the wrong choice–I’ll try the other types of ramen next time, or maybe their rice meals.

Ramen Bar is located at Unit 1880-4A, 1880 Building, G/F Eastwood Mall
Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Tel nos: 570-9457. You can also find them at Robinson’s Magnolia.