Thai Dara

On a sunny afternoon, the parents and I scouted for a venue where we could celebrate my grandma’s upcoming birthday celebration. By coincidence, we were also heading to Kapitolyo on that day, so I suggested that we have early lunch at Thai Dara.

As far as I know, Thai Dara has two branches–The aforementioned one in Pasig, and one in Quezon City, which we always pass by whenever we go to Robinson’s Magnolia. I never really had the chance to see the QC branch open, though. o_O

The place is a bit cramped. The interiors were plain, but were still sparsely decorated with twinkling Thai trinkets.

As you can see, this place is frequented by celebrities.

They also have a TV screen that plays Thai music videos.

He’s cute but not as cute as Nichkhun Horvejkul or Mario Maurer, sorry.

Menu: Pork Satay, Som Tam, Panang Curry Beef, Tom Kha Gai, Basil Chicken, Pak Boong, Num Tok, 3some Fried Rice, Crab Fried Rice, and Yellow Curry Fried Rice. They use authentic Thai curry for their curry dishes!

Their bestselling dish, and what I came to Thai Dara for: Pad Thai. Even though the serving was small, I still felt full after eating. I love that the flat rice noodles were very firm and thin, and it didn’t taste too sweet. ^^

We also tried their Bangkok Spring Rolls. I love that these spring rolls were still warm five minutes after serving. The skin was very crispy, and it wasn’t drenched in oil either.

My dad ordered their Tom Yum Shrimp soup! It’s my first time trying Tom Yum Goong. The soup was very flavorful–Not too sour, and not too spicy either.

Dynamite Chicken. Yes, fried chicken wings in a Thai restaurant! Some people might complain that there’s too much breading, but I liked it. The crispiness and sweetness of the coating was just perfect.

Bagoong Rice. Unfortunately, I only got to try this once coz I was busy with my Pad Thai. It wasn’t too bad.

A glass of Thai iced tea to wet my whistle ^^;

Judging from the descriptions, you may think that I found the food mediocre–Absolutely not. I enjoyed the food there, and found myself wanting to try some of their other dishes. I learned from one of the waiters that their food is cooked by a Thai chef, so Thai Dara’s food is probably the closest thing you can get to tasting authentic Thai cuisine. ^^

Thai Dara is located at 23 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig city, and 56 Granada street, Brgy. Valencia, Quezon City.


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