Chef Laudico Guevarra’s

I came here earlier today with my relatives to celebrate my grandma’s 85th birthday (Happy birthday, ma!!). Won’t be saying much in this entry–I’ll just let the pictures do the talking ^^;

The restaurant has an antique charm to it, since it used to be an old ancestral house. I forgot to take a picture of the restaurant’s gate… >_<

Interior. The Abad Santos function room was reserved for us.

What I found at the buffet (Well, the ones I can remember, at least…): Sisig in little wonton cups, Pininyahang manok, Sinampalukang manok, Laing, Fishballs, Fish in lumpia wrappers, Pork liempo, Lechon (of course!), grilled Gindara, Seafood pesto, Pancit canton, Paella, Patatim, Chilli crab, Roast beef, Pizza (in seafood/”karnevorous” types), Beef tapa, Gratin, Kare-kare, and Sashimi.

As for the drinks, they have soda machines with Pepsi products. I also drowned myself in their Lipton red iced tea. ^^;

My plate. Basically, I had seafood pesto, and lots and lots of meat. Pork, to be specific. I’m not really a vegetable person so I didn’t like the vegetable gratin that much. I also made the mistake of picking a huge slab of beef, and I had a hard time chewing/cutting it into pieces. But other than that, everything tasted delicious. The chunks of tuna sashimi were really fresh and thick – Or maybe I just enjoyed munching on it coz I haven’t had tuna sushi/sashimi in a long time ^^;

Dessert: Strawberry and chocolate soft-serve ice cream, made from carabao’s milk. They also have leche flan, cupcakes, tarts, ube balls, and a caramel fountain. Their maja blanca is a surefire winner too.

I really wanted to get some of those delectable-looking chocolates that they sold outside, but I was worried that they might cost PhP100.00 a piece or something >_<

I would recommend this restaurant if a friend or a relative is celebrating something grand, like a milestone birthday, or a graduation/wedding party.

Chef Laudico Guevarra’s is located at 387 P. Guevarra Street, San Juan, Metro Manila.


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