Little Asia

We travelled all the way to Tomas Morato to celebrate Father’s Day at Little Asia. The last time we ate here was kinda memorable coz while waiting for our food, a camera crew from ABS-CBN stopped by and interviewed some of the other diners (not us, though). Hehe!

Hmmmm, the interior seems to have changed… It was raining when we arrived here, so I wasn’t able to take a picture of the exterior.

Their placemat features a list of awards that the restaurant has accumulated through the years. One taste of their food and you won’t be wondering why the list is that long ^^

Menu: Appetizers (Little Asia appetizer sampler, Prawns wrapped in bacon), Soup (Pumpkin & carrot soup), Salads (Little Asia’s fresh island salad), Poultry (Little Asia’s crispy chicken, Sichuan chicken), Meat (Lengua in mushroom white sauce, Salt & pepper frog legs, Lamb tenderloin butteryaki), Seafood (Cantonese prawns, Fish fillet wrapped in bacon, Coconut fish fillet, Vietnamese crispy squid with garlic), Vegetables (Japanese tofu steak, Fried green beans), Rice (Japanese beef fried rice), Noodles (Combination chow mien), and Dessert (Fried bananas).

… It’s mostly Chinese fare, but they also have dishes from other countries like Pad Thai, Sizzling Balot(!), Korean beef stew, and Vietnamese spring rolls.

Fish Fillet in Creamy Buttermilk Sauce. Yummy! The fish wasn’t dry or flaky at all. It was really moist. And the sauce? Pure heaven! It lives up to its name by being creamy and buttery, with a hint of sweetness.

Spicy Hunan Chicken. It wasn’t as spicy as I expected it to be. It’s alright though–At least I got to share it with my mom. ^^; The chicken pieces were really juicy, and the skin was crackling too.

Wonderfully seasoned Salted Fish Fried Rice.

Mixed Seafood In Clay Pot.

Chocolate Sweet Potato Chips, served with vanilla ice cream. This was a disappointment–It had too much chocolate in it, and I couldn’t taste the saltiness of their potato chips at all. It goes really well with the ice cream, though. But maybe I should’ve tried their Chocolate Covered Bacon instead…

I’m happy (and relieved) that the quality of Little Asia’s food hasn’t changed over time, allowing its diners to experience a wonderful symphony of flavor.

Little Asia is located at 195-B Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Scout Fuentebella, Quezon City, Metro Manila.


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