Ramen Cool

The first time we came to this store was almost a year ago, when we came home from a stormy trip to Batangas. It wasn’t included in our itinerary—But we ended up here since it was raining at that time and we wanted to fill our stomachs with something warm.

I have a feeling that the place gets packed during lunch/dinner…

Menu: New and Cool, Ramen (Nabeyaki, miso, tempura, katsu curry, gomoku, mabo, hiyashichuka), Ramen Cool Add-ons (Pork yakisoba, chashu, chicken karaage, sukiyaki), Cool Mains (Yakiniku pork, chicken yakitori, beef teppan, yasaitame, tonkatsu), Cool Maki (Tuna spicy mayo, salmon freedom, sweet ka-tuna, tempura islander, spicy alaskan duo), Cool Mixed Rice (Kani salad, miso soup, chashu mixed rice), and Donburi (Katsudon, pork teriyaki, gyudon, spicy chicken, katsu curry rice, chirashi regular).

I had the Pork Shioramen. The slices of chasyu go really well with the spring onion bits and the long, thin noodles. The broth was not overly-salty either, with a nice clean finish.

Crispy Ebi Tempura. 

Flavorful Crabstick Mixed Rice and warm, hearty Miso Soup.

A ramen meal isn’t complete without a plate of Gyoza!

RC Seafood Yakisoba. I love that the noodles were also thin. The sauce that they used was slightly sweet, but the ingredients could use a little more salt.

For drinks, I had their Milo Dinosaur. It looks/tastes a bit different to the Milo Dinosaur(s?) served in Singaporean restaurants—This one had a dollop of cream in it, and the top part of the drink wasn’t warm. But still, I enjoyed its chocolatey goodness.

We left the restaurant with full stomachs—The servings are a bit large here so if you want to try several of Ramen Cool tasty dishes, you better bring a companion with you. ^^;

Ramen Cool is located at 25 East Kapitolyo Drive corner West Capitolyo Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig. Tel nos: 636-0972.


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