Sorry if this entry lacks certain details since it was a spontaneous trip—We were supposed to go to another restaurant but couldn’t do so because of a sudden downpour, so we ended up having dinner at Quiznos since it’s the place nearest to our church.

This is also the first time I took pictures from my iPad so I apologize if the shots are a bit blurry/messy >_<

Anyway, Quiznos seemed familiar to me since I kept seeing their print advertisements in American magazines, as well as on the internet. So when they opened a branch in Eastwood, I couldn’t be more delighted. (It’s right next to my favorite bakeshop too.)

Their type of sandwiches include: Subsliders, Signature, Classic, Flatbread, and Savory Steak. You can pick the size of your sandwich, as well as the type of bread you want. I chose the Italian white bread. I was expecting my bread to be tough and chewy like a baguette, but it was the exact opposite—The dough was 100% fresh.

Other stuff on their menu include salads, rice bowls, desserts, soups, and Frito Lay chips.

The sandwich on the left is their Peppercorn Steak, with steak, mozzarella, sautéed bacon, and mild peppercorn sauce. The uber-thin meat slices were heavenly. I couldn’t really taste the mozzarella though (and it wasn’t gooey enough), but I didn’t care. By the way, there’s a slim chance that your hands—or clothes—will still be clean after you finish this sandwich. Hehe ^^

On the right, you have the Chicken Carbonara, with all-natural chicken, bacon, mozzarella, mushroom, and alfredo sauce. I enjoyed eating this one too even though chicken sandwiches aren’t really my type. ^^;

I had a chocolate chip cookie, of course.

If you’re looking for a light, yet filling meal (Or if you’re just a sandwich person like me) then head on over to Quiznos to satisfy your sandwich cravings.

Quiznos is located at Eastwood TechnoPlaza 2, Libis, Quezon City. Official Website


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