Maple is another one of those restos where I’m grateful that they opened up a branch somewhere near my hometown. I’ve heard about this restaurant from various websites, and at first I thought I won’t get to have the chance to try their food since they were located all the way in Forbes Park. O_O So I was really delighted when they opened up a branch in the new East Wing of Shang-ri La Mall.

Interior. Not bad!

Their menu is fashioned like a gigantic storybook. In case you want to read a real storybook, there’s a little corner filled with children’s books found at the left side of the resto. You can drop off your kids there and let their minds hover around fantasy land while you savor their dishes. ^^

Menu items: Prologue (Aperitifs – Ice cream floats), Chapter 1: A new day is dawning (All day breakfasts – Blueberry & cream cheese pancake tower, Stuffed French toast), Chapter 2: Mornings to remember (Eggs benedict, Huevos rancheros, Prime rib tapa), Chapter 3: Hunger awakens (Appetizers – Chilean mussels), Soup (Chili), Salads, Sandwiches (The Maple burger), Chapter 4: Wish becomes reality, Pasta (Spaetzle jambalaya), Entrees (Rib-eye steak), Chapter 5: Fairy tale endings, Dessert (Bourbon bread pudding), and Bottled Poetry (Different kinds of wine.)

Our appetizer—A simple yet tasty dinner roll bread. For my drink, I ordered their hot chocolate, which came with two giant marshmallows (yay!). However, it was the exact opposite of Wildflour’s hot chocolate: A bit bland (okay, this is actually my fault—they had sugar/sweetener packets but I didn’t add any to my drink), but doesn’t stick to the back of your throat after you take a sip.

The big Maple breakfast!! Pretty much the biggest and thickest waffle I’ve seen. The bacon and potato tots were my favorite: Light and crispy, with a hint of sweetness (especially with the bacon!) I could do without the slightly sour Canadian sausage, though.

Our other order was their Fish & Chips. It wasn’t too bad, and I really liked the dipping sauce. But I ended up eating a piece of fish that wasn’t cooked properly. Hmmm.


I enjoyed my meal, but I found most of their food too rich for my taste. I had no problem with the serving size of the food, but I do hope they would tone down the amount of oil used in their dishes. ^^;

Maple is located at the Lower Ground floor of Shangri-la Plaza Mall’s East Wing, Shaw Blvd cor EDSA Wack Wack, Mandaluyong City. Tel nos: (0923) 725-6283.


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