Ho Galbi

(Pic-heavy post.)

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a Korean restaurant! I finally got to experience Ho Galbi’s Japanese-Korean buffet earlier today, when we went there to have lunch before doing some grocery shopping at SM Hypermart.

Ho Galbi is familiar to me because we would pass by their branch in Oranbo, Pasig whenever we travel to Mandaluyong. I was seriously not expecting them to open a branch in Tiendesitas, of all places. Although I’m not really sure if they branched out or simply changed location… And to be honest, the Oranbo branch is a bit difficult to spot since it’s hidden inside a residential district.

Their PhP 599.00 lunch buffet starts at around 11AM and ends at 2PM, while their dinner buffet starts at 6 PM to 9 PM (No idea how much the dinner buffet costs… Sorry! >_<)

Menu: Galbi, Bulgogi, Beef (Wagyu anchangsal, prime saeng galbi, Ho Galbi special sohanmari, kkotdeungsim, wooseol) Pork (Dwaeji galbi) Chicken (Dak galbi, smoked duck), A la carte (Galbijim, samgetang, hameul pajeon, modum jeon, dubu jeon, dubu kimchi, sogogi jabchae, gun mandu, saewoo gui), Shabu-shabu (Budae jigae, gobchang jeongol, saejoge shabu-shabu), Sizzling cheolpan, Rice & noodles (Kimchi jigae, sundubu, galbitang, yukgaejang, haemul kalguksoo, mul naengmyun, bibimnaengmyun, kimchi bokkeumbap).

I’m familiar with most Korean food, but certain items on the menu sounded new to me. O_o

Stairs leading to the art gallery on the second floor.

Buffet pics, where you can find tempura and loads and loads of sushi.

Bibimbap station, and my dad’s own Bibimbap.

Drink and dessert stations.

Banchan and food from the buffet.

I only wanted plain rice, meat, and soup. I wanted to try their tteok manduguk soup, but unfortunately, it wasn’t available. So instead, we had their yummy Dolsot Bibimbap served in a hot stone bowl. ^^

Samgyupsal. Not gonna lie–I was really surprised when the waiter served it to our table all cooked up, coz I thought we were going to do the grilling ourselves. Um… The meat wasn’t exactly that tough, but it was very difficult to swallow, especially the fatty parts.

We also had this refreshing seafood soup afterwards.

So basically… We enjoyed the food, but we were also stuffed as heck, and that’s not exactly the best feeling. Also, it does get crowded during lunchtime, so it’s a bit noisy. We could barely hear each other talk. But if you’re looking for a place where you can indulge in good Korean food, then Ho Galbi is a must-try.

Ho Galbi is located at Tiendesitas.


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