Sonya’s Garden

(Yet another pic-heavy post!)

I am currently in Tagaytay, still slightly bloated from my lunch at Sonya’s Garden. We ate the to celebrate my dad’s birthday. Sonya’s Garden is one of the must-visit restaurants here in Tagaytay. I have visited and toured this place a couple of times, but I have never actually tried their food. So I was anxious about having lunch here–Especially since I thought this restaurant only specialized in vegetarian meals, salads, and the like… And salads aren’t exactly my favorite type of food.

Beautiful scenery.

Yes, that’s the comfort room.


We entered this beautiful dining area that looked like a large greenhouse, grabbed our seats, and began our lunch.

… But first–Some rosewater to keep your hands smelling like flowers while dining. Hehe.

Pasta. You can pick from two different sauces–Red tomato, and (pictured here) Mango & chicken cream. On the upper-left is their Salmon belly. Eh, it was alright. The meat was tender, but it was really fatty and the pieces that I got had bones in them.

Other stuff on the buffet included ratatouille and shiitake mushrooms.

My parents had this salad with different types of fruits and greens, and something called ‘Sonya’s Super Secret Salad Dressing’ (try saying that quickly five times).

Some bread, of course! It came with several dips–Fresh pesto, anchovy, sardine, bruschetta, and pâté.

Dessert: Glazed sweet potatoes and Banana fritters with sesame and jackfruit. I didn’t get to try the potatoes, but the fritters were to die for!!! We also had a tiny slice of chocolate cake made from pure cacao.


Dalandan isn’t exactly my all-time favorite fruit, but I managed to gulp down three glasses of their ultra-refreshing dalandan juice.

Tarragon tea. Mom said it smelled like Pepsi. Hehe. It may look like a cup of hot water with leaves, but this is actually one of the best teas I’ve had.

So… My verdict? It was amazing!! And what’s great about Sonya’s Garden is that all of their greens/sauces/dips/bread are 100% organic and naturally grown, so you wouldn’t have to worry about chemicals, pesticide, or other kooky stuff being mixed in your food. You can really taste the freshness.

Truth be told… I’m still not fond of salads even after dining here, but as long as there’s pasta (hehe), I’m willing to go back and experience this healthy feast for a second time.

Sonya’s Garden is located at Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines. Tel nos: +63-9175329097 or +63-9175335140. Official website:


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