Pig Out

We stopped by to have lunch at this restaurant while heading home from Tagaytay. It’s a restaurant specializing in pork/grilled meat. At first I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to eat here, or in another restaurant—But in the end, I chose this one since (as far as I know) this is the only branch that they have put up (so far).

Interior. It was a Monday afternoon, so they didn’t have a lot of customers.

Menu: Drinks (stalk of the town, mr. piggy’s spritzer, oinker’s favorite), Starters (sultans eggplant dip, tortilla pork sisig), Soups (trio sinigang), Salads, Rice, Noodles (house noodle), Mains (sizzling sisig, white adobo, pig out crispy pata), Grills (pork belly inihaw, grilled tuna belly, peri-peri chicken), Veggies (asian green beans), Kids’ Menu & Sweet Stuff (halo-halo heaven).

Random thought, but… I think it would be hilarious if a guy goes inside this restaurant and orders one of their salads or veggie dishes. ^^;

The Korean-Style Tapa, which is, in my opinion, a bacon and bulgogi/sukiyaki hybrid. Thin meat coated in a tasty, sweet sauce.

For their appetizer, we had their Deep-Fried Tofu. Light and crispy on the outside, and soft and warm on the inside.

Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs. The meat was very tender, with just the right amount of fat. The sauce that they used was a slightly spicier version of the Korean tapa’s sauce.

Chicharon Fried Rice. It was alright, the chicharon bits give it a nice crunch.

Even though the dishes looked plain and easily-prepared, we had a satisfying meal here at Pig Out. Sometimes, it’s not the presentation or look of the food that matters, it’s the flavor and how contented you are by the end of your dining experience. It’s such a hassle that you have to travel all the way to a far-flung location just to try their meals, though. But their delectable dishes are definitely worth the trip.

Pig Out is located at Nuvali, Tagaytay Road, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. 


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