Grams Diner

After a long tiring shopping trip at the brand-new SM Aura Premier with some relatives, I headed over to Grams Diner to have dinner. I love diners!!! They tend to give off a really homey vibe. I was really excited to try some of their food as well.

Uh… The interior could use a little bit more color.

-Best taken in the morning, but who’s complaining? (Breakfast)
-Keep the momentum on your side (Soup, salads, starters)
-You have to eat sometime (Lunch & dinner)
-In that infinite space between bread (Sandwiches)
-Pasta – Now what are Italian dishes doing in an American diner with a Pinoy soul?
-After a great meal, surrender to your desire for some sweetness (Desserts)

Seriously, the menu is one of my favorite things about Gram’s Diner. So much wit! ^^

Country Fried Chicken Fillet. The chicken meat was moist and juicy, and its skin has the perfect mix of crispiness and saltiness. It also came with veggies and a HUGE serving of rice—More on this later.

For my drink, I had their Old-Fashioned Milkshake in malt. The milkshake was a bit thick, and I could taste the crunchy little pieces of malt.

Boston Burger. I only took one bite—It wasn’t too bad. It was served with a plate of shoestring onion rings.

Some coffee for dad.

Verdict: I enjoyed my meal, I really did, but if I could, I would gladly trade my parents’ food with mine. I made the mistake of ordering something heavy during dinnertime, and that’s not really the best choice. There was just so much rice in my plate! I would definitely give this restaurant another try though—And I’ll try something light next time, for sure. ^^

Grams Diner is located at Crossroad, 32nd Street Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Tel nos: (02) 846-9822.


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