There is no doubt that katsu is one of my all-time favorite Japanese dishes. I love everything about katsu—The succulent combination of fat and meat, the crispy breading, and even the tangy dipping sauce. I love discovering—and of course, dining—in restaurants that specialize in good katsu, and one of the newly-opened restaurants that specialize in good katsu is the Saboten Katsu House located in Serendra. I heard that the katsu there is supposedly one of the best ones in Japan, so we decided to give it a try.

Exterior. Alas, Saboten’s arrival meant that we had to say farewell to one of my favorite restaurants… Goodbye, Silk! Too bad I never got a second chance to taste your tasty Thai flavors T__T

Anyway, when we arrived, we were told that we still needed to wait for one hour and 30 minutes before we could get our seats, so we went to Fully Booked to pass the time. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long—We got our seats in around 20 minutes or so. ^^

We were seated in a secluded part of the restaurant, so I wasn’t able to take a lot of interior shots. Sorry! And apparently I got so excited to eat my katsu that I also failed to take pictures of the inside of the menu book. -_-

Menu items: Specialty courses, including the Yuki (snow), Tsuki (moon) and Hana (flower), Appetizers (French fried potatoes, pork loin karaage), The original (tenderloin, loin), Original rolled tenderloin cutlets, Grated raddish katsu, Miso katsu (tenderloin, loin & chicken), Special sharing set, Variety set (Saboten special set, tenderloin & loin set, mixed set, chicken cutlet set, mixed seafood set, kids set), Shrimp set (shrimp fry set, shrimp and tenderloin set, shrimp and loin set, shrimp and chicken set, shrimp and crab croquette set, shrimp and scallop set), Katsu curry (curry tenderloin set, curry loin set, curry chicken set), and the Clay pot.

Dessert menu: Chocolate hazelnut cream cake, Vanilla ice cream with black honey, Matcha lychee almond cake, Green tea ice cream with soybean sprinkles, and Strawberry shortcake.

Drinks menu: Saboten’s signature cocktails, Saboten smoothies, Refreshments, Coffee, Beer, Sake & shochu, Wine, whisky & cognac.

Almost all of Saboten’s dishes come with a serving of miso soup, pickles, rice, and a mountain of shredded cabbage.

I got their tenderloin from “The Orignal” sets. After we did the usual procedure of grinding the sesame seeds, I picked up a piece of katsu, dipped it in the sauce, and took a bite. The katsu melted in my mouth. It felt like I was munching on a katsu marshmallow coz it tasted so light.

We also had their Clay Pot Tenderloin. I’m sure the katsu used in this dish has the same quality as the one I ate, but I think I liked my tenderloin set more than than this one… Not to say that this one sucked, but I prefer it when my katsu is served au naturel—And not coated with scrambled eggs, sauce (like what they usually do with katsudon), and what not.

I think it’s fairly obvious that we enjoyed our meal here. In fact, I’m still craving for their katsu as I type this entry (even though I already ordered a large set). There are more katsu places opening up in the metro right now, and I can’t wait to give the other brands a try. But Saboten’s katsu is a winner for me ^^

Saboten is located at G/F Serendra, McKinley Parkway, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.


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