The Clubhouse

Hey, guys!! Firstly, I apologize for the sudden absence: I had a fever that lasted for two days, and right now I’m currently nursing a rather bad cold T_T Good thing my sense of taste/smell is still working fine, at least (but it’s not in tip-top shape.)

We had a quick stopover at Robinson’s Magnolia earlier today and had our early dinner at The Clubhouse. It’s a quaint little diner that specializes in breakfast meals, cakes, sandwiches, and pastas. You may have to keep your eyes peeled coz the entrance is quite hard to spot: It’s on the Upper-ground floor, right between Springfield and Anne Klein. They do have an entrance found outside the mall, though.

Their interior gives off a warm, comforting, homey vibe.

Menu: Breakfast, Rice & shine, Meaty mornings, Breakfast in bread, All-day dining, Soups & signature hand-tossed salads, Café sandwiches, The burger bar, Pastas, Big plates, Rice bowls, Extras, Drinks.

Appetizer: Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, of course.

Their Mushroom Soup had a rather interesting, porridge-like consistency. Delicious, but it’s best eaten while it’s still warm.

Creamy Chicken Mushroom Pesto. The penne pasta wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t al dente. The chicken pieces were small and easy to chew.

Benny’s Classic, which is their take on eggs benedict. Everything was almost perfect (including the potato wedges), except maybe for the bagel, which I had difficulty slicing.

Well that wasn’t so bad. I would try their dishes again, but they need to add some fusion to their flavors for a more appetizing meal.

The Clubhouse is located at the Upper-ground floor of Robinson’s Magnolia, Aurora Boulevard, cor Doña M Hemady Ave, Valencia, Quezon City. Tel nos: (02) 442-5571.


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