Yaku has been around for the longest time. I distinctly remember eating here after a hectic day at school during my highschool days. It’s amazing how this restaurant has managed to survive despite multiple restaurants being opened in the same area.

Menu: Yakitori, Yakimono, Agemono, Donburi, Teppanyaki, Tempura, Yaku specials, Side orders, Sukiyaki, Desserts, Udon/soba, Sashimi, Maki, Sushi, Temaki, and Drinks.

Their menu has definitely changed… Back then they had gyoza included in their choices. Oh, and I tried their soba noodles the last time I ate here… In my opinion, the soup could use a little more salt (and garnishing). 😡

Ebi Tempura. Too much breading, but that’s how I like my tempura anyway.

Butabara. I’m guessing yakitori must be Yaku’s specialty since these three small skewers of pork pack tons of flavors. The smokiness of the meat was wonderful, and the fat melts in your mouth as well.

I’ve been really fond of Miso Soup lately.

These pieces of Tekka Maki look small, in my opinion.

We also had their tasty Yakimeshi rice, which I unfortunately didn’t get to take a picture of (Actually, I can’t remember if I did forget to take its picture, or if I deleted it from my camera without uploading it to my desktop… Hmmmm) Even though the tekka maki already served as my rice, I couldn’t help but grab a few bites since it appeared tempting.

Yaku’s food is loaded with spectacular tastes. I would recommend this restaurant to those who are huge yakitori fans or just want to eat good Japanese food.

Yaku is located at 3/F, The Podium Mall, 18 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, Philippines. Tel no: 687-5368.


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