This is a rather peculiar Japanese restaurant located in Robinson’s Magnolia. For the longest time, I’ve been quietly hoping that I get the chance to try out this place, but I can’t seem to find the opportunity, since usually, my companions prefer to dine at places with dishes that are familiar to their tastebuds (like Filipino food). So earlier today, I grabbed the opportunity to finally invite my parents to lunch here.


Menu: Bento meals, Wrap and roll, Onigiri-sistible (Salmon, tuna), Kawa-eats (Daruma roll, maneki roll, kokeshi roll, misohana roll), Side-dish wonder (Asparagus bacon maki, tofu agadeshi), Salad madness (Kani mango salad, spicy tuna and salmon salad, chicken teriyaki salad, mango & chicken salad), Simply superb (Tofu miso), Noodle craze (Curry udon, ten zaru soba, beef sukiyaki), Reminiscing Japan (Misohana tantan ramen, chili pork ramen, gyuniku beef ramen), Ippin-ryori hits (Maguro steak, gyu tenderloin steak, tori teriyaki), Teppen remixes, Turning Japarice (Katsudon, gyudon, tori teriyaki don), Ooh ra-rice (Chasyu chahan, tori chahan, gyu chahan), Drinkredible choices (Sakura lemon cha, ninja jinjaeru), and Dezato arigato.

Tori Karaage. A bit bony, plus it had too much breading. So glad this came with a sweet and tangy dipping sauce, or else I would’ve stayed far from this dish because of queasiness.

Gyoza soup. My only complaint is that the serving was too small. The gyoza pieces were huge, though!

Crispy ebi tempura and Chasyu chahan. The chahan’s perfectly sticky rice, and yummy mixture of egg and carrots are all amazing. The tempura was slightly bland.

Salmon Onigiri. It was my first time eating an onigiri, so I enjoyed it very much. The salmon could use a little bit more salt, but the combination of the onigiri’s sweet sauce, the crispiness of the nori (seaweed) and sticky rice (I’m guessing this is also the same rice used in their chahan) create a harmonious combination.

Their food wasn’t that bad, but I wonder why it doesn’t attract a lot of customers. I guess it’s because the dark interiors of the place seem daunting. They need to liven up the place with bright, inviting shades to draw hungry diners in. Still, I enjoyed my lunch there ^^

Misohana is located at the 3rd Level of Robinsons Magnolia, Aurora Blvd. cor. Dona Hemady St., Quezon City. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!


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