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Pink Chiffon

(Okay, so I lied about the last post being short… Oops.)

Just like the previous entry, we had to travel to a rather far location just to find this café. (but not as far as Quezon Avenue though). Pink Chiffon used to be located near Blue Ridge (remember Gateau de Manille? That’s them!), but moved to a quiet area near Marikina. They specialize in cakes, pastries, rice meals, and pastas.

Interior. They were playing 80’s dance hits when we came in, so… I give them plus points for that, hehe.

Menu shots.

A glass counter displaying their cakes, cupcakes, and Halloween-themed cookies. Trivia: For those who follow local showbiz celebrities, Pink Chiffon designed Richard Poon & Maricar Reyes’ wedding cake.

Lasagna Verde al Forno. It came in a small bowl, but it was packed with heavenly, cheesy meaty goodness. Funny, I keep telling everyone that lasagna is one of my least favorite pasta dishes, but I always end up enjoying most of the lasagnas that I eat… -_-

Roast Beef in Mushroom Gravy. I really love roast beef, so I enjoyed this dish. The slices of beef were really tender, and I love the fact that the dish was drenched in gravy, hehe. ^^;

For my dessert, I had two cupcakes: Red velvet, and White chocolate mousse. Both of them were alright—Not too sweet, and not too bland. However I’d prefer it if their cupcakes had a moist consistency.

… Plus two Chicken Empanaditas.

Pink Chiffon is a great place to bring your family to, and enjoy their sinfully delicious dishes and pastries.

Pink Chiffon is located at Lilac Street, SSS Village, Concepcion Dos, Marikina.


Country Spice

So I may have to tag this entry with ‘trip’ because… Not only is this going to be a simple, and short entry, but we also literally had to travel to an unfamiliar place just to find this restaurant. Country Spice was originally located in the Philippine Stock Exchange building in Tektite, Ortigas, but eventually moved to a quiet suburban area in Sgt. Esguerra. I had to pick up a book in Quezon Avenue earlier today, and this restaurant happened to be found nearby, so I decided to have my lunch here.

The warm, homey interior, white walls decorated with concert posters and other knick-knacks. We were welcomed by the restaurant’s (very) friendly and chatty hostess.

Menu: Soups, Starters, Karne, Executive meal, Laman dagat, Gulay, Pulutan, Rice & noodles, Breakfast, Merienda, and Drinks.

Nothing fancy shmancy—Just plain old home-cooked Filipino food.

While dining, we got the opportunity to talk to the matriarch of the restaurant. Unlike the hostess, she was very soft-spoken. She shared with us a couple of stories regarding Country Spice, like her plans of opening up a second branch in Pioneer, Mandaluyong, how they were thinking about converting the 2nd floor of the restaurant into a bar, and how her customers from Ortigas would venture all the way to Sgt. Esguerra (like what we did) for their mouth-watering kare-kare.

French fries as a substitute for rice, hehe.

On the left is their Sisig. This didn’t come in a sizzling plate, but that’s alright. It was chewy, and some bits were a little crunchy.

On the right is their specialty, Kare-Kare. This is their bestselling dish—It even won in a competition against other (and more renowned) Filipino restaurants, like Barrio Fiesta!!! According to my mom, the meat of the kare-kare easily falls off the bone. And what’s good about this kare-kare is that the peanut sauce was made with all-natural ingredients, not with those sauces/powder mixes that you buy at grocery stores. Their homemade bagoong perfectly blended with the heavenly peanut sauce.

Well, that wasn’t so bad. The food was definitely worth the trip. My parents enjoyed their food a lot, but I personally prefer my Filipino dishes with a little bit more flair and pizzazz. But Country Spice definitely gets the top spot for ‘most accommodating staff.’ ^^

Country Spice is located at Sgt Esguerra Street, Cor Timog Ave, Quezon City.

Mad For Garlic (1st anniversary post!!)

First, we went crazy. Then, we started seeing red. And now, we go Mad for Garlic! This restaurant has opened up branches in Singapore and South Korea, and now we Filipinos can savor their garlic-infused gastronomic delights.

It didn’t take us long to find out where Mad for Garlic was located, since it’s on the same building as IHOP. We didn’t have to wake up early to try their meals either.

The interior looks very sophisticated and elegant. They have a really, really impressive wine rack. I think that’s one of the reasons why we were so intimidated to dine here (at first).

Menu: Starter (Garlic bread tower, Soute de cozze, White mussels), Salad (Tutto mushroom salad) Pasta (Garlicpeno pasta, Triple garlic pasta, Zuppa di mare pasta), Steak (Garlic foryou steak, Garlic hug steak, Steak with jalapeno garlic rice), Pizza (Old ham & sausage pizza, Garlic and sweet potato pizza, Gorgonzola pizza), Rice & risotto (Garlicholic rice, Garlic sizzling rice), Wine dishes, Desserts, and Drinks (Signature ‘ades, Beverages, Fruit shakes, Beers, Coffee).

For our starter we had their Dracula Killer (hehe!), slices of soft and buttery garlic bread served with piping-hot pieces of garlic.

Some extra pieces of their garlic bread.

Then we had their Creamy Chicken Popcorn Pasta, with chilies, garlic (of course) mushroom, chicken pieces, and herbs. The Korean soy-sauce based cream sauce was absolutely superb. It was sweet, but not to the point of being cloying.

We also ordered their Garlic Snowing Pizza. Definitely one of the best (not to mention, one of the thinnest… I mean, this pizza is practically made out of paper!) pizzas I’ve tried. The crispy garlic flakes, the shrimp, the cheese, and the juicy pineapple chunks all create a perfect balance of flavor.

I seriously would’ve tried their garlic gelato and Dancing salsa rice dish if I wasn’t so full.

Garlic has a lot of health benefits, so not only is Mad for Garlic’s food delicious and filling; it also does your body good, giving you protection against colds or other forms of sickness. ^^ This is the perfect place to go to if you like your dates classy—But for obvious reasons, you may need to bring some breath mints or menthol candy along with you, hehe. It would be great if the restaurant staff can provide their customers with breath mints as well. ^^;

On another note, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I made this blog! At first I was very hesitant with wanting to open up a WordPress account and share my food travels with the internet, but now I realize that I really do enjoy updating this blog since it combines two of my favorite hobbies—Writing and taking photographs. As of this entry, my blog has accumulated 1000+ views from different countries. I know a thousand views isn’t much compared to other food bloggers, but I’m still very grateful! Thank you all so much! ^^

Mad for Garlic is located at the W Global Center, 30th St cor 9th Ave, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Tel nos: (02) 808-9517. Official website:

Bubble Tea

Today is a holiday, so I seized the occasion to do a review. We were supposed to go to a small restaurant near the San Juan area. but it was closed, so I had to immediately pick a replacement, and ended up going to Bubble Tea in Wilson.

In my opinion, this branch has the best interior among all the other Bubble Tea branches.

What also sets this branch apart is the Honeybee bakery found inside the resto. Look at all these yummy cakes!

Drinks menu: Milk tea, milkshakes, green/black tea, tea slush, and coffee & herbal tea.

Menu: Noodles, donburi maki-zushi, nigiri-zushi, sashimi, Tokyo side treats, stick treats, pasta, burgers/sandwiches, Tokyo entries, and Yoshoku rice dishes. I wanted to try their sushi/maki so badly, but alas, I had to resume my rice-free diet.

My drink. Since the place is called Bubble Tea, I knew I had to try their specialty! Or rather, their specialtea. *dodges flying tomatoes* I had their Honeydew milk tea with chewy pearls (Imported from Japan).

On the white plate, we have the Kushikatsu—Thick fatty slabs of deep-fried pork in skewers, accompanied with a mayonnaise dip. Just the description alone is making my chest ache. >_< It was… Good, I guess but in the end, I wanted to drink an entire pitcher of water because it left a rather greasy taste in my mouth.

Then on the circular plate, we have their thick and flavorful Okonomiyaki. The sauce is slightly overpowering, but aside from that, it was tasty.

Finally, you have their Japanese fried chicken in a basket, accompanied with garlic rice and wasabi ginger. One bite and you will see why it’s one of their bestsellers. The chicken’s skin is crispy, and the meat is juicy and moist. Dunking your chicken in the dipping sauce gives it a perfect balance of sweet and saltiness. But it does look a bit like crispy pata though, hehe.

Hotate oil & garlic spaghetti with tiny scallops, mushrooms, bonito shavings, and two pieces of garlic bread. I really love Japanese pastas, and this one is no exception. Not too oily, and not too bland.

Bubble Tea is a perfect spot to go to if you’re on a mission to try different milk tea brands (I know some people do that… Really) or if you just want to chill out with your friends or a date over milk tea, milkshakes, or a cup of coffee.

Bubble Tea is located in Wilson Street, Greenhills, San Juan. Tel no: (02) 584-1998 Other branches include SM Megamall, SM The Block, Trinoma, Tomas Morato, and The Fort. They also have a branch in Eastwood coming up. ^^


We had lunch at Ninak earlier today. Ninak’s specialty is rice (For the Pinoy readers… Try saying ‘ninak’ backwards ^^). Although I am supposed to be on a rice-free diet for the month of October, I had to review this restaurant and give their rice dishes a try, since I have a relative coming home soon from another country and I wanted her to have a glimpse of what kind of cuisine this restaurant has to offer.

Interior. We were seated on the 2nd floor.

Menu: Vegetables (Green Mango salad, Sambal kangkong) Soups/Noodles (Phad Thai, Mi goreng) Beef & Lamb (Beef salpicao, Crispy beef belly, Lamb massaman curry), Pork (Pork satay, pork curry), Chicken (Hainanese chicken, Chicken BBQ with Ninak sauce), Fish and other seafood (Fish curry, Chilean mussels, Thai fishcake), Rice (Ninak rice, Tinapa rice, Bagoong rice, Chicken rice), Desserts & Snacks (Arroz caldo with tokwa’t baboy, Turon halo-halo, Red ruby)

A bowl of cracklings for our appetizer.

Nasi Goreng. I really liked this one, although my mom thought the rice was too oily. They probably mixed in too much soy sauce in the rice.

Black Gulaman. Too sweet, and it also had too much ice.

Laksa. It had noodles, squid balls, shrimp, and coriander. The spiciness of the flavorful coconut-based soup kicks in a few seconds after you sip it. A surefire winner! ^^

Fish in Mango Sauce. It looks somewhat similar to the one we had in Sentosa. Except this one is a lot crispier coz they used panko breadcrumbs.

Soi Chicken. I wasn’t expecting it to look like this, TBH. It was a bit bony, but the meat was fine. It comes with a sweet & spicy dipping sauce.

If you love Southeast Asian dishes (Singaporean, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Thai) or if you can’t survive the day without eating at least one cup of rice (Unlike me… Hehe.), then you can count on Ninak to satisfy your kanin cravings.

Ninak is located at Unit 101, Seven East Capitol Building, East Capitol Drive Corner Santa Rosa Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Tel nos: (02) 6556902.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men

It’s been a really, really long time since I last came to Jupiter street in Makati! It’s changed so much. So many new restaurants have opened up, yet I’m glad that some of the old ones are still standing. Two relatively new places that caught my eye were Yamato Bakery & Café, along with its next-door neighbor—And the subject of this entry—Mitsuyado Sei-Men.

I’ve been hearing about Mitsuyado Sei-Men’s famous cheese tsukemen (which literally translates to ‘dipping noodles’) ever since they did a review for it on Spot. And now I’m glad that I’m about to get the chance to try it myself.

The interior looks really cool!!! It’s like I stepped into the world of Naruto, Samurai X, or one of those epic taiga J-doramas from NHK. ^^; I was half-expecting (well, not really) a group of ninjas or samurais to burst through the walls, hehe.

Menu: Tsukemen (Yuzu tsukemen, Ajitama tsukemen), Special tsukemen (Karashi tsukemen, Curry tsukemen, Sichuan tan-tan tsukemen), Extra toppings, Ramen (Shoyu, Charsiu, Miso, Hakata, Tonkotsu), Ae-soba, Donburi rice (Oyakodon, Chicken black pepper don, Unagidon, Gyudon, Japanese curry rice (Vegetable curry rice, Chicken katsu curry rice), Side orders (Edamame), Dessert (Strawberry kakigori, Hawaiian blue kakigori, Black sesame ice cream, Cream anmitsu), and Drinks.

Trivia time!

My dad ordered their Miso Ramen. You can choose if you want thick noodles, or thin.

Japanese Fried Rice, plus Gyoza, and (not pictured) Ebi Tempura, naturally.

Pork Katsu Strips. Light and crispy, plus the combination of the meat and the dipping sauce create a wonderful marriage.

And here it is! Mitsuyado’s famous Cheese Tsukemen!! Although in my case, I ordered the Double Cheese Tsukemen… Although I can’t really tell the difference between this dish and the regular cheese tsukemen. More noodles? More cheese sauce? Anyway, there’s only three steps on how to eat this noodle dish: 1.) Pour the cheese sauce all over the noodles, 2.) Mix it all up, 3.) Dip it in the broth. I tried both versions of the cheese-covered noodle, and I have to say it tastes so much better when it’s dipped in the broth. The broth itself has a very strong, salty taste with bits of fishcake, mushroom, leeks and meat floating in it. You can choose between hot or cold noodles for your tsukemen—But I suggest that they also provide the diners with a choice between thin or thick noodles too, just like their ramen.

Okay, I need to be honest here…. In the end, I realized that cheese tsukemen isn’t exactly my favorite type of noodle dish. But this dish, as well as the other dishes in Mitsuyado Sei-Men, are hearty, filling, and a must-try for Japanese food aficionados.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men is located at 22 Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati. Tel nos: (02) 511-1390.