We had lunch at Ninak earlier today. Ninak’s specialty is rice (For the Pinoy readers… Try saying ‘ninak’ backwards ^^). Although I am supposed to be on a rice-free diet for the month of October, I had to review this restaurant and give their rice dishes a try, since I have a relative coming home soon from another country and I wanted her to have a glimpse of what kind of cuisine this restaurant has to offer.

Interior. We were seated on the 2nd floor.

Menu: Vegetables (Green Mango salad, Sambal kangkong) Soups/Noodles (Phad Thai, Mi goreng) Beef & Lamb (Beef salpicao, Crispy beef belly, Lamb massaman curry), Pork (Pork satay, pork curry), Chicken (Hainanese chicken, Chicken BBQ with Ninak sauce), Fish and other seafood (Fish curry, Chilean mussels, Thai fishcake), Rice (Ninak rice, Tinapa rice, Bagoong rice, Chicken rice), Desserts & Snacks (Arroz caldo with tokwa’t baboy, Turon halo-halo, Red ruby)

A bowl of cracklings for our appetizer.

Nasi Goreng. I really liked this one, although my mom thought the rice was too oily. They probably mixed in too much soy sauce in the rice.

Black Gulaman. Too sweet, and it also had too much ice.

Laksa. It had noodles, squid balls, shrimp, and coriander. The spiciness of the flavorful coconut-based soup kicks in a few seconds after you sip it. A surefire winner! ^^

Fish in Mango Sauce. It looks somewhat similar to the one we had in Sentosa. Except this one is a lot crispier coz they used panko breadcrumbs.

Soi Chicken. I wasn’t expecting it to look like this, TBH. It was a bit bony, but the meat was fine. It comes with a sweet & spicy dipping sauce.

If you love Southeast Asian dishes (Singaporean, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Thai) or if you can’t survive the day without eating at least one cup of rice (Unlike me… Hehe.), then you can count on Ninak to satisfy your kanin cravings.

Ninak is located at Unit 101, Seven East Capitol Building, East Capitol Drive Corner Santa Rosa Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Tel nos: (02) 6556902.


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