Bubble Tea

Today is a holiday, so I seized the occasion to do a review. We were supposed to go to a small restaurant near the San Juan area. but it was closed, so I had to immediately pick a replacement, and ended up going to Bubble Tea in Wilson.

In my opinion, this branch has the best interior among all the other Bubble Tea branches.

What also sets this branch apart is the Honeybee bakery found inside the resto. Look at all these yummy cakes!

Drinks menu: Milk tea, milkshakes, green/black tea, tea slush, and coffee & herbal tea.

Menu: Noodles, donburi maki-zushi, nigiri-zushi, sashimi, Tokyo side treats, stick treats, pasta, burgers/sandwiches, Tokyo entries, and Yoshoku rice dishes. I wanted to try their sushi/maki so badly, but alas, I had to resume my rice-free diet.

My drink. Since the place is called Bubble Tea, I knew I had to try their specialty! Or rather, their specialtea. *dodges flying tomatoes* I had their Honeydew milk tea with chewy pearls (Imported from Japan).

On the white plate, we have the Kushikatsu—Thick fatty slabs of deep-fried pork in skewers, accompanied with a mayonnaise dip. Just the description alone is making my chest ache. >_< It was… Good, I guess but in the end, I wanted to drink an entire pitcher of water because it left a rather greasy taste in my mouth.

Then on the circular plate, we have their thick and flavorful Okonomiyaki. The sauce is slightly overpowering, but aside from that, it was tasty.

Finally, you have their Japanese fried chicken in a basket, accompanied with garlic rice and wasabi ginger. One bite and you will see why it’s one of their bestsellers. The chicken’s skin is crispy, and the meat is juicy and moist. Dunking your chicken in the dipping sauce gives it a perfect balance of sweet and saltiness. But it does look a bit like crispy pata though, hehe.

Hotate oil & garlic spaghetti with tiny scallops, mushrooms, bonito shavings, and two pieces of garlic bread. I really love Japanese pastas, and this one is no exception. Not too oily, and not too bland.

Bubble Tea is a perfect spot to go to if you’re on a mission to try different milk tea brands (I know some people do that… Really) or if you just want to chill out with your friends or a date over milk tea, milkshakes, or a cup of coffee.

Bubble Tea is located in Wilson Street, Greenhills, San Juan. Tel no: (02) 584-1998 Other branches include SM Megamall, SM The Block, Trinoma, Tomas Morato, and The Fort. They also have a branch in Eastwood coming up. ^^


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