Country Spice

So I may have to tag this entry with ‘trip’ because… Not only is this going to be a simple, and short entry, but we also literally had to travel to an unfamiliar place just to find this restaurant. Country Spice was originally located in the Philippine Stock Exchange building in Tektite, Ortigas, but eventually moved to a quiet suburban area in Sgt. Esguerra. I had to pick up a book in Quezon Avenue earlier today, and this restaurant happened to be found nearby, so I decided to have my lunch here.

The warm, homey interior, white walls decorated with concert posters and other knick-knacks. We were welcomed by the restaurant’s (very) friendly and chatty hostess.

Menu: Soups, Starters, Karne, Executive meal, Laman dagat, Gulay, Pulutan, Rice & noodles, Breakfast, Merienda, and Drinks.

Nothing fancy shmancy—Just plain old home-cooked Filipino food.

While dining, we got the opportunity to talk to the matriarch of the restaurant. Unlike the hostess, she was very soft-spoken. She shared with us a couple of stories regarding Country Spice, like her plans of opening up a second branch in Pioneer, Mandaluyong, how they were thinking about converting the 2nd floor of the restaurant into a bar, and how her customers from Ortigas would venture all the way to Sgt. Esguerra (like what we did) for their mouth-watering kare-kare.

French fries as a substitute for rice, hehe.

On the left is their Sisig. This didn’t come in a sizzling plate, but that’s alright. It was chewy, and some bits were a little crunchy.

On the right is their specialty, Kare-Kare. This is their bestselling dish—It even won in a competition against other (and more renowned) Filipino restaurants, like Barrio Fiesta!!! According to my mom, the meat of the kare-kare easily falls off the bone. And what’s good about this kare-kare is that the peanut sauce was made with all-natural ingredients, not with those sauces/powder mixes that you buy at grocery stores. Their homemade bagoong perfectly blended with the heavenly peanut sauce.

Well, that wasn’t so bad. The food was definitely worth the trip. My parents enjoyed their food a lot, but I personally prefer my Filipino dishes with a little bit more flair and pizzazz. But Country Spice definitely gets the top spot for ‘most accommodating staff.’ ^^

Country Spice is located at Sgt Esguerra Street, Cor Timog Ave, Quezon City.


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