Pink Chiffon

(Okay, so I lied about the last post being short… Oops.)

Just like the previous entry, we had to travel to a rather far location just to find this café. (but not as far as Quezon Avenue though). Pink Chiffon used to be located near Blue Ridge (remember Gateau de Manille? That’s them!), but moved to a quiet area near Marikina. They specialize in cakes, pastries, rice meals, and pastas.

Interior. They were playing 80’s dance hits when we came in, so… I give them plus points for that, hehe.

Menu shots.

A glass counter displaying their cakes, cupcakes, and Halloween-themed cookies. Trivia: For those who follow local showbiz celebrities, Pink Chiffon designed Richard Poon & Maricar Reyes’ wedding cake.

Lasagna Verde al Forno. It came in a small bowl, but it was packed with heavenly, cheesy meaty goodness. Funny, I keep telling everyone that lasagna is one of my least favorite pasta dishes, but I always end up enjoying most of the lasagnas that I eat… -_-

Roast Beef in Mushroom Gravy. I really love roast beef, so I enjoyed this dish. The slices of beef were really tender, and I love the fact that the dish was drenched in gravy, hehe. ^^;

For my dessert, I had two cupcakes: Red velvet, and White chocolate mousse. Both of them were alright—Not too sweet, and not too bland. However I’d prefer it if their cupcakes had a moist consistency.

… Plus two Chicken Empanaditas.

Pink Chiffon is a great place to bring your family to, and enjoy their sinfully delicious dishes and pastries.

Pink Chiffon is located at Lilac Street, SSS Village, Concepcion Dos, Marikina.


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