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Toast Box

I had a quick lunch at Toast Box while heading home from another trip to Tagaytay. I’ve been to this branch several times. Actually, this is the only Toast Box branch that I’ve visited, which is weird since they do have branches back in Manila… >_< Anyway, this café serves Singaporean and Malaysian dishes and snacks.

Interior. The white walls/floors make the place look really tidy.

Menu shots. As I mentioned earlier, Toast Box serves typical Singaporean noodle dishes, plus some sandwiches/toast, and warm/cold drinks. I heard the Toast Box menu in Singapore is different, though…

Of course I couldn’t resist ordering their Milo Dinosaur. Hehe.

For my main dish, I tried their Char Kway Teow, which, I assume, is a new item on their menu (I don’t remember seeing it the last time I dined here). Thin and chewy noodles with beansprouts, oysters and shrimp.

And for dessert, I had their Chocolate Toast Set, with cold Teh and two soft-boiled eggs.

Toast Box is a good place for those who simply want to have some “me time”, or have a nice one-on-one conversation with a friend or a loved one.

Toast Box is located at Solenad 2, Nuvali, Santa Rosa, Philippines.

Woo Galbi

(Ugh… I left my camera in the car so don’t expect high-quality pics for this post… Sorry guys -_-)

I got the chance to visit Shang after a loooong time, and finally dined at Woo Galbi, a new Korean restaurant at the East Wing. I was really excited to dine here coz at that moment, I really wanted to eat some good, authentic Korean food. So I stepped inside, hoping it would satisfy my cravings.

Menu: Salads (Woo’s house salad, Korean spring rolls salad), Starters (Tteok bokki ala Woo, ha meul pa jeon), Samplers (Beef tacos, WG fried chicken wings, tteokgalbi sliders, Korean hotdog), Twigim (Sae-u, y ache), Woo specials (Bulgogi, deep fried stuffed calamari), Soups & stews (Galbi jjim, galbi tang, sundubu jigae, yuk gae jang), Gui (Galbi, ahnshim, sohyeo) More grilled favorites (Dweji gui, ojingo, dak heobokgi gui), Ssam (Woo galbi ssam, spicy chicken ssam, sam gyup sal ssam), Platters, Bibimbap (Hot stone bibimbap – You can pick your own toppings and sauces), Rice & noodles (Maeng momil gook soo, japchae, ramyeon, jjampong), Woo lunch bentos, Woo’s contemporary rolls (Rainbow roll, woohoo! roll, WG roll), Old fashioned rolls (Spicy tuna roll), Nigiri sashimi, and desserts.


Lunch time! On the left, we have their Samgyupsal. This was Woo Galbi’s version of the popular Korean grilled pork dish (the other version is the traditional samgyupsal). It was delicious (and rather fatty), but it felt like I was eating slices of inihaw na liempo instead of actual samgyupsal.

We also had their Mandoo. You can choose if you want it steamed or fried. This is one of the best dumplings I’ve tried—Huge, and filled to the brim with delicious pork and chives. The dipping sauce was marvelous too.

California Roll. As you can see, it looks really different from the California rolls (or California maki) that I’m used to eating—There’s no mango, cucumber, or even the orange roe. But if you ask me, I prefer this version of California Roll than the regular one, coz this one is a whole lot tastier.

Our lunch at Woo Galbi was one of those cases where we didn’t really enjoy much of our meal, but only because we picked the wrong dish to eat. Honestly, sometimes I couldn’t even tell if I was eating Korean food, or not. It might also be due to the fact that we ordered only a handful of dishes, so I didn’t feel that satisfied after the meal. If I come back, I want to try some of the other things on their menu—Maybe I’ll have a better, heartier lunch/dinner on my next visit.

Woo Galbi is located at Shangri-La Plaza Mall, East Wing, Shaw Blvd., Wack Wack, Mandaluyong.

Project Pie

Aha—From one project, to another… With pizza this time!

Project Pie is a fairly new pizza place that opened just a couple of months ago in Shaw Boulevard. This restaurant lets you customize your own pizza. Which can be quite fun since if you think about it, pizzas can have a thousand different combos, from mixing and matching different types of crusts, pizza sauces, toppings, etc…

Anyway, we stepped inside the rather crowded restaurant that was filled with spiffy-looking college students/young adults, and were greeted by one of the servers (who, I admit, is a bit of a looker mwuhahahaha), who explained to us the mechanics of ordering. Firstly, we have to choose between seven of their pre-made pizzas, or create our own using the resto’s wide variety of pizza toppings and pizza sauces. Then the servers bake the pizzas quickly in the “Really, really hot” oven, and call out the customers’ names after the pizza’s done, so they can pick it up.

What’s good about this restaurant is that you can pick as many toppings as you want, and it’ll still cost PhP 285! Amazing! By the way, the branch in Shaw is Project Pie’s third branch worldwide. ^^

We had three pizzas:

Our first pizza was their (pre-made) Number 2 pizza with pepperoni, Italian sausage, crumbled meatballs, mozzarella, garlic, and their signature red sauce. I added some caramelized onions and Canadian bacon. This pizza had a hint of spice to it.

The second pizza was their Pizza Salad—I was surprised when I picked it up from the counter, because I thought it was going to be just a regular salad with pizza toppings mixed into it. I was wrong—It was literally a pizza salad with mixed greens, grilled chicken, mozzarella, feta cheese, tomatoes, and balsamic dressing on a pizza dough.

Lastly, we had this some sort of ‘dessert pizza’ with nutella, peanut butter, and (I think) a light sprinkling of cinnamon powder. Simple, but delicious (and sweet!).

As you can see, the pizza’s freshly-baked dough looks really thin, but it wasn’t crispy at all—In fact, it had a nice, smoky flavor and a chewy texture.

I must say, dining at Project Pie was quite an experience. Ordering can be a bit of an overwhelming task for first time customers (like me)… But at least I already know what to expect when I come back. I would suggest this restaurant for pizza lovers that prefer their pizzas to be healthy and filling.

Project Pie is located at 515 Shaw, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. Tel no: 650-0925.

Helping typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda victims: Dining for a cause

Hey, everyone. As you all know, a couple of days ago, the Philippines was hit by a massive typhoon, leaving thousands of people in need of food, clothing, and shelter. You can help out by donating to the following organizations (above pic).

Also, has a list of several restaurants that are willing to extend their help by donating their business proceeds to the people affected by the typhoon—All you have to do is to stop by, and have breakfast, lunch or dinner. A generous heart matches a happy appetite ^^;

Remember, even just a small amount of money will go a long way.

Thank you!

The BRGR Project

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been getting some serious burger cravings. And I don’t mean those ones that you buy from fast food restaurants, or the ones from food carts. I’m talking about those burgers with thick patties, yummy toppings, and giant sesame seed buns, paired with a plate of thick seasoned wedge fries and a milkshake. Well, today I got lucky… We ended up eating here at The BRGR Project, since the restaurant that we were supposed to visit in Makati was too far away.

What’s great about The BRGR project is that you can customize your own burger to your liking. You can choose from a whole variety of different types of cheese, sauces, toppings, and even the buns—You just need to fill up a form. You can even name your burger too! In fact, a lot of famous celebrities have created their own burgers here, and as far as I know, most of them have ended up being on the menu.

So yes, we did exactly that—We filled up our forms, and handed them over to the server. Our orders came really quickly. Probably because there weren’t any customers around… It was late in the afternoon.

Here’s my burger consisting of a thick and savory 100% beef patty, not-so-caramelized onions, bacon, a scrambled egg, ooey gooey mozzarella cheese, and wasabi mayo, sandwiched in a brioche bun. Just staring at it made my mouth water. And after taking the first bite, I felt like I was floating on cloud 9. One of the best burgers I’ve had (so far). Probably because of the fact that these were all my favorite toppings, and I didn’t have to pick out the ones that I didn’t like, such as lettuce or tomatoes.

Mom’s burger had a chori(zo) patty, garlic cream cheese, caramelized onions, a scrambled egg, and their special BRGR sauce in a sesame seed bun…

… While dad’s burger had a 100% beef patty, sliced white onions, caramelized onions, tomatoes, special BRGR sauce, and bleu cheese, also in a sesame seed bun.

Truffle Fries. These were yummy too! The mayo dip balanced out the saltiness of the thick-cut fries.

… And for some sweetness, I had a Choco Peanut milkshake. Hoho.

I think there should be more places where we can customize our own burgers. It lets everyone explore their creative side, plus diners can create new, unique and exciting flavors too because of these burger combos. The BRGR Project is a must-try for creative foodies out there!

The BRGR Project is located at 38 Jupiter St. corner Planet St. Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. Tel nos: 550-1781. Visit their official Facebook page.

Mr. Kurosawa

Earlier today, I had lunch at Mr. Kurosawa with some of my relatives. It’s been a while since all of us dined at a Japanese restaurant (the last one was in Yabu, I think). I was so glad that they’re starting to appreciate different types of cuisine.


I really love their interior! It reminds me of a classy lounge or bar.

Menu: The salad bowl of life (seafood conspiracy), Starting with a dream cast (steamed or fried gyoza, oyster overload), Soup for a samurai, noodles for a ninja (sukiyaki, tempura soba/udon, tofu miso soup, tonkotsu wagyu ramen, tonkotsu tempura ramen, nabeyaki udon), Soba for Coppola, pasta for Kurosawa (Japanese carbonara, seafood yakisoba or yakidon), Rolls of a lifetime (chicken teriyaki roll, dynamite roll), Next generation sushi & sashimi (tempura roll, kani sashimi, tuna sashimi), The meatpacking district (steak and ebi, pork yakiniku, wagyu yakiniku), The Kurosawa selection (beef teppan, tonkatsu or torikatsu), Think with tonkatsu (shrimp tonkatsu), Carpe diem. Seize the tempura! (ebi tempura), Sail the seven seas (gindara, bacon dory), Rice to the occasion (scallop fried rice, all-meat fried rice), Bowl it or sizzle it, Where legends are made, Let’s end it with a bang, and Brain freeze time (desserts).

A plate of California Rolls.

Seafood Yakisoba. It kinda looks like a fancy plate of instant pansit canton. It tasted really nice; too bad I only got two bites from this dish.

Chicken Tempura and Fries. Aside from their amazing Dynamite Rolls (which I didn’t get to order this time… Boo!!! >_<), this is what I always order from Mr. Kurosawa. The combination of the breading and the chicken meat is just heaven. Kids would probably like this dish.

Chicken Teriyaki. We were supposed to order their Chicken Teriyaki Roll, but I guess the waiter didn’t understand us? Good thing this dish tasted nice.

Fish Tonkatsu. Very light and fresh, but I could tell that they didn’t use cream dory fillet for this one, since the katsu lacked saltiness. The thick and somewhat gooey cheese topping didn’t taste like anything either. 😡

My cousin had their Crunchy Hollywood salad…

… While my grandma had their crispy Green Chicken. Just like the yakisoba, I didn’t get to try this one very much. The slightly sweet dipping sauce was wonderful.

Sooo… Yes, as you can see… We ordered quite a lot of food! Everything was great, but I’m a little bit disappointed that we didn’t get to try their Japanese-style pizzas and pastas. Maybe next time? ^^

Mr. Kurosawa is located at the G/F, Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Tel nos: (02) 901-0825.

BBQ Chicken & Beer

BBQ Chicken is a popular fastfood chain in South Korea. This chicken restaurant is familiar to me coz I’ve seen some of their commercials on Youtube (endorsed by some famous Korean celebrities), plus they’ve opened up several stalls here in Metro Manila (with most of them located in Makati). My first experience with BBQ Chicken wasn’t all that great—I had mine ordered for takeout, so in the end, the chicken was all greasy and the meat was cold, dry, and tasteless.

So when they opened up a new (and revamped) branch in Eastwood, I decided to give them another try.

Interior. We ate here on a Saturday night, and I was relieved that the crowd wasn’t loud and noisy. Probably coz they were all outside at the veranda. For a pub, this place was awfully quiet (not that it’s a bad thing).

Menu: Salad (smoked salad), Snacks & rice (spicy ddukbokki, col-pop chicken), Special combination menu (grilled chicken bulgalbi set, spicy chicken barbecue set, original chicken set, yang nyum chicken set, teri-q gold wing set, bulgogi donburi), Chicken menu (original chicken, yang nyum chicken, hot spicy chicken, original drum stick, teri-q gold wing, smoked chicken, paris chicken), Noodle (cream chicken pasta, udong), C& B yummies (fried onion ring, special hamburger steak, mozzarella sticks & hot wings, boneless buldak), burger & pasta.

And since this place is called BBQ Chicken & Beer, it’s not surprising that they have a whole selection of alcoholic drinks, including draft beer, shooters, C&B cocktails, bottles, gin, vodka, tequila, rhum, scotch whiskey, and cognac. But they have sodas too!

You may think that this is a plain table decor, but nope—this is their appetizer!

Royal ddukbokki. Chewy Korean rice cakes (dduk), sesame seeds, and carrot strips swimming in a bowl of sweet and tangy sauce. Best eaten while it’s still hot!

Honey chicken. Mmmm… One of the best Korean fried chicken dishes I’ve tried! The skin was really crispy, and the meat was very moist and juicy. Like the ddukbokki, this dish tastes amazing while it’s still warm. My greedy self had to get the biggest pieces before someone else gobbled them up. Hehe.

Aglio Olio Chicken Pasta. This one was quite bland, but it does have a bit of zing. I’m so used to chowing down on spicy food, so eating this dish was a cinch.

It was a very satisfying meal. Not the most filling—But satisfying, nonetheless. Well, for me, anyways. What I don’t like about this restaurant is that the food is rather overpriced. But I absolutely wouldn’t mind feasting on their chicken again.

BBQ Chicken & Beer is located at Unit G1C, Second Floor, Citywalk 1, Eastwood City, Libis. Visit their Official website and their Official Philippine website.