BBQ Chicken & Beer

BBQ Chicken is a popular fastfood chain in South Korea. This chicken restaurant is familiar to me coz I’ve seen some of their commercials on Youtube (endorsed by some famous Korean celebrities), plus they’ve opened up several stalls here in Metro Manila (with most of them located in Makati). My first experience with BBQ Chicken wasn’t all that great—I had mine ordered for takeout, so in the end, the chicken was all greasy and the meat was cold, dry, and tasteless.

So when they opened up a new (and revamped) branch in Eastwood, I decided to give them another try.

Interior. We ate here on a Saturday night, and I was relieved that the crowd wasn’t loud and noisy. Probably coz they were all outside at the veranda. For a pub, this place was awfully quiet (not that it’s a bad thing).

Menu: Salad (smoked salad), Snacks & rice (spicy ddukbokki, col-pop chicken), Special combination menu (grilled chicken bulgalbi set, spicy chicken barbecue set, original chicken set, yang nyum chicken set, teri-q gold wing set, bulgogi donburi), Chicken menu (original chicken, yang nyum chicken, hot spicy chicken, original drum stick, teri-q gold wing, smoked chicken, paris chicken), Noodle (cream chicken pasta, udong), C& B yummies (fried onion ring, special hamburger steak, mozzarella sticks & hot wings, boneless buldak), burger & pasta.

And since this place is called BBQ Chicken & Beer, it’s not surprising that they have a whole selection of alcoholic drinks, including draft beer, shooters, C&B cocktails, bottles, gin, vodka, tequila, rhum, scotch whiskey, and cognac. But they have sodas too!

You may think that this is a plain table decor, but nope—this is their appetizer!

Royal ddukbokki. Chewy Korean rice cakes (dduk), sesame seeds, and carrot strips swimming in a bowl of sweet and tangy sauce. Best eaten while it’s still hot!

Honey chicken. Mmmm… One of the best Korean fried chicken dishes I’ve tried! The skin was really crispy, and the meat was very moist and juicy. Like the ddukbokki, this dish tastes amazing while it’s still warm. My greedy self had to get the biggest pieces before someone else gobbled them up. Hehe.

Aglio Olio Chicken Pasta. This one was quite bland, but it does have a bit of zing. I’m so used to chowing down on spicy food, so eating this dish was a cinch.

It was a very satisfying meal. Not the most filling—But satisfying, nonetheless. Well, for me, anyways. What I don’t like about this restaurant is that the food is rather overpriced. But I absolutely wouldn’t mind feasting on their chicken again.

BBQ Chicken & Beer is located at Unit G1C, Second Floor, Citywalk 1, Eastwood City, Libis. Visit their Official website and their Official Philippine website.


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