Mr. Kurosawa

Earlier today, I had lunch at Mr. Kurosawa with some of my relatives. It’s been a while since all of us dined at a Japanese restaurant (the last one was in Yabu, I think). I was so glad that they’re starting to appreciate different types of cuisine.


I really love their interior! It reminds me of a classy lounge or bar.

Menu: The salad bowl of life (seafood conspiracy), Starting with a dream cast (steamed or fried gyoza, oyster overload), Soup for a samurai, noodles for a ninja (sukiyaki, tempura soba/udon, tofu miso soup, tonkotsu wagyu ramen, tonkotsu tempura ramen, nabeyaki udon), Soba for Coppola, pasta for Kurosawa (Japanese carbonara, seafood yakisoba or yakidon), Rolls of a lifetime (chicken teriyaki roll, dynamite roll), Next generation sushi & sashimi (tempura roll, kani sashimi, tuna sashimi), The meatpacking district (steak and ebi, pork yakiniku, wagyu yakiniku), The Kurosawa selection (beef teppan, tonkatsu or torikatsu), Think with tonkatsu (shrimp tonkatsu), Carpe diem. Seize the tempura! (ebi tempura), Sail the seven seas (gindara, bacon dory), Rice to the occasion (scallop fried rice, all-meat fried rice), Bowl it or sizzle it, Where legends are made, Let’s end it with a bang, and Brain freeze time (desserts).

A plate of California Rolls.

Seafood Yakisoba. It kinda looks like a fancy plate of instant pansit canton. It tasted really nice; too bad I only got two bites from this dish.

Chicken Tempura and Fries. Aside from their amazing Dynamite Rolls (which I didn’t get to order this time… Boo!!! >_<), this is what I always order from Mr. Kurosawa. The combination of the breading and the chicken meat is just heaven. Kids would probably like this dish.

Chicken Teriyaki. We were supposed to order their Chicken Teriyaki Roll, but I guess the waiter didn’t understand us? Good thing this dish tasted nice.

Fish Tonkatsu. Very light and fresh, but I could tell that they didn’t use cream dory fillet for this one, since the katsu lacked saltiness. The thick and somewhat gooey cheese topping didn’t taste like anything either. 😡

My cousin had their Crunchy Hollywood salad…

… While my grandma had their crispy Green Chicken. Just like the yakisoba, I didn’t get to try this one very much. The slightly sweet dipping sauce was wonderful.

Sooo… Yes, as you can see… We ordered quite a lot of food! Everything was great, but I’m a little bit disappointed that we didn’t get to try their Japanese-style pizzas and pastas. Maybe next time? ^^

Mr. Kurosawa is located at the G/F, Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Tel nos: (02) 901-0825.


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