Woo Galbi

(Ugh… I left my camera in the car so don’t expect high-quality pics for this post… Sorry guys -_-)

I got the chance to visit Shang after a loooong time, and finally dined at Woo Galbi, a new Korean restaurant at the East Wing. I was really excited to dine here coz at that moment, I really wanted to eat some good, authentic Korean food. So I stepped inside, hoping it would satisfy my cravings.

Menu: Salads (Woo’s house salad, Korean spring rolls salad), Starters (Tteok bokki ala Woo, ha meul pa jeon), Samplers (Beef tacos, WG fried chicken wings, tteokgalbi sliders, Korean hotdog), Twigim (Sae-u, y ache), Woo specials (Bulgogi, deep fried stuffed calamari), Soups & stews (Galbi jjim, galbi tang, sundubu jigae, yuk gae jang), Gui (Galbi, ahnshim, sohyeo) More grilled favorites (Dweji gui, ojingo, dak heobokgi gui), Ssam (Woo galbi ssam, spicy chicken ssam, sam gyup sal ssam), Platters, Bibimbap (Hot stone bibimbap – You can pick your own toppings and sauces), Rice & noodles (Maeng momil gook soo, japchae, ramyeon, jjampong), Woo lunch bentos, Woo’s contemporary rolls (Rainbow roll, woohoo! roll, WG roll), Old fashioned rolls (Spicy tuna roll), Nigiri sashimi, and desserts.


Lunch time! On the left, we have their Samgyupsal. This was Woo Galbi’s version of the popular Korean grilled pork dish (the other version is the traditional samgyupsal). It was delicious (and rather fatty), but it felt like I was eating slices of inihaw na liempo instead of actual samgyupsal.

We also had their Mandoo. You can choose if you want it steamed or fried. This is one of the best dumplings I’ve tried—Huge, and filled to the brim with delicious pork and chives. The dipping sauce was marvelous too.

California Roll. As you can see, it looks really different from the California rolls (or California maki) that I’m used to eating—There’s no mango, cucumber, or even the orange roe. But if you ask me, I prefer this version of California Roll than the regular one, coz this one is a whole lot tastier.

Our lunch at Woo Galbi was one of those cases where we didn’t really enjoy much of our meal, but only because we picked the wrong dish to eat. Honestly, sometimes I couldn’t even tell if I was eating Korean food, or not. It might also be due to the fact that we ordered only a handful of dishes, so I didn’t feel that satisfied after the meal. If I come back, I want to try some of the other things on their menu—Maybe I’ll have a better, heartier lunch/dinner on my next visit.

Woo Galbi is located at Shangri-La Plaza Mall, East Wing, Shaw Blvd., Wack Wack, Mandaluyong.


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